14 things you probably didn’t know about cucumbers

1. Tightens and revitalizes fatty tissue

Have you ever wondered why women like to put slices of freshly cut cucumber on their eyes when their skin is puffy? The photochemicals contained in cucumbers naturally cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, thus effectively solving the problem of puffiness.

Did you know that if you rub a piece of cucumber anywhere on your body where you have a cellulite problem, it will make it less visible and make the skin look younger and firmer in minutes? And did you also know that cucumber also has an erasing and smoothing effect on wrinkles?

Now that you know all this, you probably think that all those expensive and luxurious face creams are unnecessary for you, right? A similar refreshing effect can also be had if you gently rub a piece of cucumber under and around the eyes after crying.

2. Natural Headache Remedy

If you have a headache after dealing with a crying baby all day, either the mischievous dog is driving you crazy with his antics, or your husband seems determined to got on your nerves, there’s no need to put up with the uncomfortable feeling. You just need to eat half a cucumber and let it work.

This vegetable is extremely rich in vitamin B, minerals and electrolytes, all of which make it one of the best solutions for headaches. Cucumber will also solve the hangover problem after drinking more alcohol – just eat some cucumber before bed.

3. The enemy of creaking

Did you know that you can rub cucumber on door hinges and deal with the annoying creaking noises they sometimes make? Now there is no more danger of waking the child when you open the nursery door to check if everything is okay.

4. Cleaning effect

If your kid has drawn something on the wall in the room with crayons or colored pencils, you can try to clean the stains with a piece of unbleached cucumber. The technique can also be used to correct a spelling mistake.

5. Helps with bad breath

Did you know that the same ingredients in cucumber that help with puffiness and cellulite problems are able to kill the pesky bacteria that cause bad breath? You just need to cut a slice of cucumber and press it with your tongue to the palate for 30 seconds.

6. Tarnished Kitchen Appliances

If you have stainless steel kitchen appliances at home, you’ve probably already noticed that they darken over time. The best way to deal with this tarnishing with the help of nature is to scrub the appliances with cucumber. Not only will it clean up the darkening, but it will do it in a completely safe and natural way. Thus, your children will not be in danger from the chemicals contained in the cleaning products.

7. Gives energy

Did you know that cucumbers are one of the foods that give you the biggest boost of energy when you’re tired? You don’t have to spend your money at fast food restaurants and stuff yourself with hamburgers or sodas. Just eat some cucumber. It’s a much better source of energy than coffee, soda, or anything else.

8. Banishes the urge to crunch in front of the TV

Did you know that once upon a time in the past, European hunters carried a cucumber with them while hunting to prevent starvation? So, since these big and strong men could keep their strength with the help of cucumber, then why can’t a small and fragile housewife be able to resist the urge to eat something while watching the series with the help of this same fresh vegetable? Buttered popcorn is no better.

9. Pore ​​cleaning

Did you know that while you are taking a steam bath on your face, you can drop a few pieces of cucumber into the bowl of hot water. The vapor from the vegetable will mix with the vapor from the water and penetrate deep into the pores of the skin. The effect will be cleaner and more radiant skin.

10. They help clean shoes

Take a slice of cucumber and clean your shoes with it. Not only will the shoes gain shine, but they will also become more water resistant.

11. Saves from pests

Place a tin pan with a cut cucumber in it in a corner of the yard. The substances that are contained in cucumbers will undergo chemical processes that emit a very repulsive smell for most pests. For you, of course, there will be no problem, because you will not feel what the animals feel.

12. Helps with sunburns

If the kids have played too much in the sun and their skin is burnt, you can rub them with a piece of cucumber. This will nourish the burned skin and help it recover faster.

13. Lowers blood pressure

Cucumber has long been proven effective for high blood pressure. All people with this problem should include it regularly in their menu and they will soon feel the result. Recently, it has become clear that cucumbers also have a beneficial effect on people with elevated cholesterol.

14. They help with constipation

Cucumber seeds contain substances that have a pronounced diuretic effect. If you suffer from constipation, eat a cucumber. If the problem is constant, then you can include a little cucumber in your daily menu.

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