7 signs that your body is in excellent health

We live in the era of high technology and at any time we have access to the Internet. In these conditions, every time something hurts us a little or we feel a slight discomfort we check on Google and of course our hair stands up in horror. Any pain is necessarily described as a symptom of cancer, AIDS or why not Ebola.

The truth is, that’s not quite the case, and in a very, very large majority of cases, these pains are not a symptom of anything in particular and you are most likely actually in much better health than as much as you think.

In fact, it is perfectly normal to feel some pain, even if you are in perfect health. For example, if you slept on your side, or you slept too much, or you ate too much fruit and your stomach just got bloated. The truth is, if your body meets these 7 signs, you should probably be in good health.

1. Relatively clear urine and regular urination

If you are going to the bathroom several times a day and your urine is pale yellow and not cloudy, dark or concentrated, it means that your body is well hydrated and the most your kidneys are probably functioning quite well.

Completely discolored urine means that you are overhydrated, and while this is less dangerous than dehydration, your body is still losing valuable electrolytes and salts.

2. Regular bowel movements and feces of roughly identical consistency

Yes, everything we eat eventually goes down the toilet in a different form. In general, everyone’s stools are different, but as long as yours isn’t bloody, painfully hard, or overly watery, you’re probably fine.

Regular walking as needed is another indicator of good health. If you go to the toilet frequently and easily, it means that your diet contains a good amount of fiber and the digestive system is functioning efficiently.

3. Stable weight

If you are not too skinny or obese, maintaining the same weight is a good sign. Losing weight too quickly or suddenly gaining weight for no apparent reason can be a sign of anxiety.

4. Fast healing

If you are injured, scratched, cut and other traumas and your wounds heal quickly, this is a sign that you are in good health and your body is reacting properly. If light pressure causes significant bruising and bleeding on your skin, tell your GP. If you don’t have this problem, then your circulatory system should be in good health.

5. Healthy hair and nails

Hair, skin and nails are usually the first indicators that something is wrong with your body, especially if it lacks vitamins. If your nails and hair lack luster and break, if your hair lacks luster and pulls and splits, this is a sign of vitamin deficiency. If your biggest hair problem is tangled ends, most likely you are in good health.

6. Regular cycle

A regular cycle with a normal premenstrual period is a sign of a healthy and properly functioning reproductive system. If you have an irregular period, or too long, or painful, or accompanied by heavy bleeding, consult a doctor.

7. Good sleep

It is true that most of us sleep less than we should, and rare cases of insomnia are considered normal. But as long as you have a good and normal sleep in most cases,no constant night wakings to urinateand no night sweats, you probably cover all the necessary phases of sleep. And if you wake up at least a little more rested and refreshed – then that’s even better.

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