Bags under the eyes

Eye bags are slight swelling or puffiness in the under eye area that is common as we age.

As the tissues around the eyes age, including some of the muscles that support the eyelids, they weaken.

Normal fat that provides movement to the eyes next to the lower lids causes them to swell, making them look puffy.

It is also possible for fluid to accumulate in the space under the eyes, which also contributes to the overall puffy appearance of the face.

Puffiness around the eyes is usually a cosmetic problem and is rarely a sign of a serious medical condition.

In such cases, cold compresses are very useful, helping to improve the overall appearance of the face.

For prolonged or annoying puffiness under the eyes, many cosmetic procedures are available to those affected.

What are the symptoms?

• Slight swelling;
• Dark circles;
• Loose or taut skin;

When to seek medical attention?

You may not like the way you look, but puffiness under the eyes is usually safe and does not require medical attention .

However, seek medical attention if the swelling:

•It is strong and permanent;
• It is accompanied by redness, itching or pain;
• It also affects other parts of the body such as the legs;

Your treating doctor will want to rule out any possible causes that could be causing the swelling such as disorders in the function of the kidneys or thyroid gland, infection or allergy.

What are the causes?

As we age, the tissue structures and muscles supporting the eyelids weaken.

Skin may begin to sag, and fat, which is usually limited to the area around the eyes /orbit/, may extend into the under-eye area.

Fluids can also accumulate in the area under the eyes, causing swelling and puffiness in this area.

There are several factors that can lead to this condition such as:

• Fluid retention as a result of weather changes, for example warm and humid days.
• Sleeping on your back;
• Insomnia;
• Allergies or dermatitis, especially if the swelling is accompanied by redness or itching;
• Heredity;

Treatment for under-eye bags?

Under-eye puffiness is usually a cosmetic problem and does not require medical treatment.

Depending on the cause, various at-home treatments are available, such as cold compresses.

Also, the affected person can place his head during sleep on higher pillows, which is helpful in reducing and even completely eliminating puffiness under the eyes.

Procedures used to remove wrinkles, such as laser or chemical peels, can improve skin tone and have a firming effect.

Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty is an option for the radical removal of bags in the area under the eyes.

In this intervention, the surgeon makes an incision just below the eyelashes in the natural folds of the eye or in the lower eyelid.

The medical professional removes excess fat and sagging skin.

Depending on where the first incisions are made, the sutures may follow the natural fold of the lower eyelid or be made within its framework.

The following tips can help you reduce or eliminate under-eye bags:

• Wet a clean washcloth in cool water and while sitting, apply the wet washcloth to the skin under and around your eyes for a few minutes, applying gentle pressure;

• Get some sleep, the best time to go to bed is 10 p.m., it is not advisable for the general health of the body to stay awake at night, as well as to oversleep during the day.

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