Best for your child’s brain

If you had only one opportunity to help your child would you take it?

Would you help him do better in school, achieve better academic results and be in better health?

Would you give him the foundation so that he can one day live in family and financial stability?

Well, believe it or not, this thing exists. And it’s definitely a lot easier than you think. Just talk to your kids!

Studies show that kids need more than just the latest pushchair, interactive toy or car seat to get a head start intellectually, emotionally and

strong>physical development.

Whenever there is a person caring for an adolescent child, they have verbal interaction with the child. On the other hand, the child listens to it and remembers almost everything, including words from phone conversations, etc.. Interesting, right?

A Colombian study proves a very curious fact. Children from wealthier families receive much better intellectual development. They hear up to 30 million more words in their first 4 years than their peers who grew up in poorer households.

Another interesting learning proves that children understand what kind of family they belong to, rich or poor, before they even have a clear idea of ​​the world around them.

They can recognize words of hope and despair that are directly related to household income. Children understand whether they live in a positive or negative environment just by what they hear.

If the family has a higher income, typically the child will hear more positive and encouraging words and expressions than children who come from poorer households.< /p>

During their first 4 years of development, a child raised in a high-income family will say about 560,000 more positive words and expressions than a child from the opposite.

And children who grow up in a more limited financial plan will absorb about 125,000 words of sadness and discouragement, more than their peers whose parents have a freer hand in the social aspect.

If you are not among those parents who do not have financial difficulties, do not despair! There are other alternatives to not spoil your child’s childhood and to give him a better start.

Buy books! Place them in any corner of the house that your child can reach. Even in the bathroom, wrapped in plastic. And most importantly, read to your children every day. Thus, you will provoke a tendency in your children to learn the new and interesting.

When explaining words to them, use facial expressions and games to pique their interest and make them more focused. Talk to your kids. Ask them questions, provoke their thinking. And most importantly – give them the freedom to say whatever they think.

Keep the TV away! Unless you want your child to close in on himself, denying the known world. Too much television at an early age will limit your child’s thinking abilities and make him live in a fictional world (like in cartoons).

Also, it is harmful to the eyes. The better option is to play with him outside at first, then let him out to discover his friends, meet his first victories and disappointments!

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