Cannabis oil cured 8-month-old baby of cancer

Cannabis extract removed a large inoperable tumor from an 8-month-old baby.

According to cancer expert Dr. William Courtney, the case is difficult to explain but opens up many questions about the true action of cannabis.

She recounts the miraculous healing of her youngest patient, an 8-month-old baby who had a huge, inoperable brain tumor in the center of the brain. The child’s father insisted on the unconventional treatment, which included the use of cannabis. He put a little cannabis oil in a pacifier twice a day. By gradually increasing the dose.

And a miracle! Within two months, the tumor had shrunk significantly. Dr. Courtney emphasizes that the success of the way the drug was given to a child will not cause negative side effects in the future. Thanks to the non-traditional treatment, which has gotten rid of the unpleasant chemotherapy and radiation exposures that traditional medicine uses to treat certain types of cancer.

And indeed, while modern medicine still denies cannabis, ten thousand years ago ancient cultures had the technology to extract the oil from the plant. The cannabis was first dried, then the oil was extracted by heating. This resulted in almost complete decarboxylation of THC-Acid into THC. By creating large amounts of THC, the negative psychoactive effects are greatly reduced. Which are minimal for a dose of 10 mg.

Cannabis cures cancer?

A study conducted at Bethesda Hospital in the state of Maryland resulted in Patent No. 6630507. This patent is from 2003 and proves that the absence of psychoactive substances in the special technology of extracting the oil from cannabis.

Researchers have discovered that a compound called cannabidiol has the ability to “turn off” the gene responsible for metastasis in an aggressive form of cancer ie. to treat cancer. And most importantly, this substance lacks the psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis oil cures cancer and this is not a single case known to doctors. In addition, scientists have found that it can reduce the number of heart attacks by 66%. The miracle drug can also help insulin-dependent diabetics.

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