Carbohydrates – what we need to know

It has long been known that a diet rich in carbohydrates is the most direct route to excess weight. But is that always the case? Today, many experts conclusively prove that eating too many carbohydrates causes fat to accumulate. The truth is that the pounds accumulate from everything that exceeds our necessary caloric ration. And why are carbohydrates always to blame? Quite simple. Because they contain a lot of calories in a very small amount of food.

The second very big disadvantage of carbohydrates is that we usually consume them in the wrong way. For example, fried rice, fried potatoes, spaghetti with heavy and high-calorie sauces, bread with a lot of butter and others.

On a low-carb diet, we generally eat everything as before, but we avoid bread, potatoes and other similar foods, and from there the overall amount of calories we take in is reduced.

But should we avoid all carbohydrates? Absolutely not! Do not exclude whole-grain bread, cereals, oatmeal, potatoes (baked and boiled), whole-grain pasta from your menu. They will provide you with valuable vitamins and minerals that you need.

If you exclude these carbohydrates that we mentioned above, it will be quite difficult for you to get the necessary amount of fiber for the day (at least 18 grams). In turn, the lack of fiber can cause serious problems in the digestive system, cause constipation, and in more severe cases even colon cancer.

Besides being a source of valuable nutrients and fiber, carbohydrate foods create a very strong feeling of satiety. In fact, much more than any other food. In fact, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, oats and potatoes help us have a healthy heart, stable blood sugar levels, and hence less weight problems. In fact, it is these products that are highly recommended by heart health experts.

Which carbs should we eat?

As we’ve said so far, choose those carbohydrate foods that are high in fiber – oatmeal, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat bread, and potatoes baked or boiled without being peeled. A high carb diet is the same as a low carb diet.

The only difference is that carbohydrates are avoided in the low-carb diet, and fats are avoided in the high-fiber carbohydrate diet. And the effect is the same. Just avoid adding a lot of fat to the potatoes, and when you want to flavor them add some cottage cheese or cheddar cheese.

Note, however, that even the low-carb diet completely rejects fries, chips and other harmful foods.

What proportion of food should consist of carbohydrates?

It is suggested that ideally carbohydrates should be about ⅓ of the food we eat. It is also important to eat them in the earlier hours of the day to get the necessary energy from them.

The fiber in healthy carbohydrate foods like brown rice swells in the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness. In addition, they absorb and peel off some of the fat in the body, then expel it before it has been absorbed.

In order to feel full for a long time, however, we will repeat once more – eat whole grain carbohydrate foods, not refined ones, because that way you will feel full for a longer time and prefer to eat them for breakfast and lunch.

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