Dirty bedroom – cause of the epidemic of allergic diseases?

A dirty bedroom is the main cause of the current allergy epidemic, which affects 20% of the UK population and more.

Similar studies have not been conducted in Bulgaria, but it can be said with a high degree of certainty that the situation is almost identical to that in the United Kingdom. According to statistics, around 20% of people in the UK change their bed linen once a month.

The results of a recent study in Great Britain show that about 34% of Britons very often sneeze and cough in their bedroom.
It is in this room, designed for comfortable relaxation, that – the majority of household allergies.

The researchers analyzed the reasons for the development of allergic reactions among the population of the country and found that the allergy occurs as a result of non-compliance with basic hygiene rules.

The survey actually showed that Brits are not used to changing their bed linen more often than once a month.

Thus, about 20% of the UK population change their bed linen once a month and even less often, while at the same time health experts recommend that this be done every 4-5 days. >

Statistics show that the residents of the city of London are the most negligent of hygiene in the bedroom.

Experts have found that about 12% of the capital’s population changes their bed linen once every 2 months.

Nevertheless, scientists warn about the need to keep the bedroom clean, since the main causes of allergies at home are dust and bedding, fungi, and also pet hair.

Researchers recommend we wet clean our homes regularly, dust bedroom furniture and change bed linen as often as possible.

Earlier, scientists also advised people who live in apartments to be very careful with soft furniture and to thoroughly clean it especially in summer.

Studies show that even the best quality corner leather sofa with improper maintenance quickly loses its beauty and luster with all the consequences of that.

Scientists from the British Pest Control Association are warning pet owners that warm, humid rooms in winter are an ideal breeding ground for fleas.

However, polls confirm that people do not comply with recommendations for maintaining hygiene in the home, with 2,000 Britons 34% stating that their allergy occurred in the bedroom, with 33% of those asked allergic reaction first appeared in their living room, and 18% of those who took part in the survey fell victim to an allergy due to microbes that usually inhabit the service stations of the house or kitchen.

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