Does the AIDS virus aid in the treatment of malignancies?

French scientists have found that one of the most dangerous viruses – the human immunodeficiency virus – can be used to treat cancer.

HIV vs Cancer

What is HIV?

The human immunodeficiency virus is the causative agent of HIV infection, the final stage of which is called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

The HIV virus replicates as its genetic material infiltrates the human genetic material.

A characteristic feature of this virus is the fact that it constantly mutates, resulting in the formation of various mutant proteins.

This phenomenon allows the virus to adapt to the changing conditions of its environment and acquire quick resistance to antiviral preparations.

What is HIV infection?

This viral infection proceeds in several stages and affects certain cells of the immune system and causes their death.

Disruption of the function of the immune system can become the reason for the development of various infections and the formation of tumors, which ultimately cause the death of the person infected with the virus.

Infection with the HIV virus can take place during unprotected sex, with blood transfusion, using infected needles, and also from mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

What did the research conducted by the French scientists consist of?

French scientists decided to use the unique properties of the HIV virus for “peaceful purposes”.

Initially, they modified the genetic material of the virus, supplying it with the gene that is present in the human body and is responsible for the synthesis of a protein that activates anti-cancer drugs.

During the experiment, the scientists obtained about 80 modified proteins, which they applied to cancer cells in the presence of anticancer drugs.

What are the results?

The obtained results show that the modified protein obtained by the scientists significantly increases the effectiveness of anticancer drugs – the death of cancer cells occurs when using 300 times more low doses of these preparations compared to usual.

In this way, reducing the doses will eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy and increase its effectiveness.

The research of the French scientists was carried out using cell culture. In the near future, scientists plan to conduct clinical trials on laboratory animals.

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