Face mask according to skin type

All women know how good it is to use a face mask as a means of maintaining beauty. It has an extremely good and proven effect on the skin, and for this reason it is so widespread and sought after by users of the cosmetic industry.

The face mask has a specific focus according to the needs of the skin. That is why it is important to determine very carefully what type of skin you have. If you do not manage, I recommend you visit a dermatologist. This way you will avoid mistakes and disappointments.

Normal Skin Face Mask

It has the lightest possible formula. Ladies with normal skin are very lucky. They only need to choose a product containing natural ingredients and essential oils.

Facial mask with oily skin

With this type, it is important to regulate sebum production because it is the cause of the unpleasant shine on the face. To do this, go for a mask that contains clay.

The drying and disinfecting properties of clay have been known since ancient times. For antibacterial action, it is recommended to have ingredients such as elderberry and witch hazel.

Face mask with sensitive skin

If you fall into this category, you know very well that your skin needs special care. Very carefully choose all your cosmetic products so as not to cause yourself additional discomfort.

Here you should emphasize a mask with a soothing effect, preventing inflammation. Aloe vera, chamomile, mint are some of the natural ingredients that will help you get a good result.

Be sure to avoid products with strong chemicals and smells. It is also not recommended to exfoliate your skin, it will further irritate it.

There are also masks with an anti-aging effect on the market. They are in great demand by women over 40, because they are an additional means of combating skin aging. They can be combined.

That is, some hydrate, others nourish or exfoliate. Mandatory for this type is the presence of retinol. It has been proven to help the formation of collagen in the skin, and older ladies know that it is it that keeps their face fresh, taut and returns its youthful appearance.

When you have applied a face mask remember that you need to be completely still. Do this procedure when you are alone so that you do not have to talk or laugh.

Wrinkles around the lips and eyes disrupt the integrity of the mask and the effect is lost.

Removal is usually in a different way. Some peel and others wash off. In the second case, it is recommended to use lukewarm water, not hot, so as not to wash off the fat layer from your skin and dry it excessively.

You can find the right face mask from Faberlic products, they are tailored to the requirements of every skin type.

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