Horse meat – the best food for the cold winter months

For horsemeat is now considered the meat of the animal horses, which is suitable for human consumption. As a rule, it is accepted to use for food only meat from young horses /2-3 years old/. The process of preparing the horse meat takes about 3 hours, because it must be well heat-treated. The taste of horse meat is rather pleasant than specific. Dishes from it are consumed by many nomadic peoples.

It is well known that the meat of young horses up to 1 year has the most useful properties for humans. It is known from history that the peoples who consume the most of this food in the world are Kyrgyzstan , Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that breeding enough horses for subsequent meat production requires certain soil and climatic conditions. Each animal must be well fed, have constant access to fresh grass , and also to provide him with various vitamins on a regular basis.

However, horse meat is used in the production of certain types of sausages, to which it gives a certain viscosity, as well as fragility and a spicy taste.

How useful is horse meat?

It contains a huge amount of protein, over 25%. It has been established that horse meat is a very good source of the following useful nutrients and compounds – potassium, sodium, copper, magnesium, iron and various amino acids and vitamins from groups B, E and A. In addition, this food is hypoallergenic and suitable for consumption by children and is absorbed by the body in a very short time, only 3 hours compared to 12 hours for beef.

Today, most nomadic peoples are beginning to understand that it is horsemeatthat is a very useful food for long journeys and has a warming effect on the body and is therefore a very suitable consumption during the cold time of the year .

Scientists note that by consuming horse meat, a person can obtain a sufficient amount of energy, which will give him the strength to overcome longer distances. For this reason, in Asia, horse meat is sold in most stores.

Fat in horses that live in a herd is usually deposited on the thighs and belly area, for this reason the ribs and belly parts are very high in calories – up to almost 5000 kcal.

Horse meat is a much better source of amino acids than beef. Therefore, this food provides effective activation of all metabolic processes in the human body, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system.

The nutritional value of horse meat is very high, it contains a small amount of cholesterol, that is, it does not increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

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