How to get rid of envy?

In order to stop envying others, it is important to realize that this feeling destroys our consciousness and we need to do everything in our power to get rid of it, because it eats us from the inside.


Try to start admiring the success of others, when you have the chance praise people with achievements for their good fortune.

In this way, your feeling of envy will turn into a feeling of joy for your neighbor’s successes. Let envy be your motivation.

Instead of feeling anger and aggression towards successful people, try to be better, take an example of how others, thanks to their persistence, manage to achieve success.

Enjoy what you have. There are definitely a lot of things in your life that you can be proud of, but you probably just don’t notice them.

If you envy a person because he is very rich, still human feelings cannot be measured by any amount of money.

The best way to stop envy is to engage attention, to be busy with some profitable activity.

Life goes by quickly and you can end up with nothing just because you wasted your time in envying others because they have achieved success.

Make a plan of action and get on the road to achieving your dreams. As is well known, all thoughts are material and the feeling of envy often arises because most of us cannot dream.

Instead of believing in ourselves and using all the ways to improve our lives, we consider ourselves failures.

In this case, I advise psychologists to use the method of “visualization”, we need to imagine what we want, in this way, we will program our brain for success.

But you won’t achieve it if you don’t take positive action in this direction and you will only be depressed that nothing is working out for you again.

To stop envying others, getting rid of the feeling of self-pity will also help. When you feel sorry for yourself, it means that you recognize yourself as a weak person and convince yourself of your own powerlessness.< /p>

Actually, this feeling gives rise to selfishness, and when a person is selfish, he is, of course, envious. Experiencing self-pity, one thus protects oneself from mental pain.

You must remember that self-pity is the first sign that a person is a failure, and in your case, all negative emotions must be eradicated.

Our life does not always give us what we expect from it. However, we must persistently and persistently walk the path to the goals we have set, because success loves persistent people.

If you think that you suffer from an “allergy” to other people’s happiness, stop in time, until they reach extremes and, above all, you have wasted too much time.

Because all negative feelings over time become the cause of serious diseases.

To prevent this, one must be able to control these feelings and must always remember that envy will not make one successful, it will only cloud one’s mind.

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