How women can protect themselves from bladder problems

Problems with prostate and bladder are some of the most unpleasant things that life throws at us as we get older strong>.

New studies currently underway are about to shed light on many things that were previously unanswered.

Most people think that urine is 100% antibacterial and nothing harmful lives in it.

But the latest studies have something to say against this theory.

They deal specifically with the bladder in women and the various diseases from which a woman can only be protected if she monitors her urine.

According to scientists, bacteria live in the bladder of women, and some of them the organism identifies as harmful agents.

Here comes the concern of science. One of the most common problems in women when it comes to bladder diseases is “overactive bladder“.

About 15% of women worldwide suffer from overactive bladder, a disease in which the individual has a constant and uncontrollable need to urinate.

Scientists are currently conducting various studies involving both women with overactive bladder and women who are in excellent health.

A urine sample is collected using a catheter from each woman who participates in the study in order to collect a larger database to work with later.

Scientists look very carefully at the composition of women’s urine and specify which bacteria are good for a woman’s health and which of them can be disease-causing.

In this way, it will be possible to understand what is the cause of this disease, and in addition, a larger database will be created for comparison and more information will be collected for scientists to use in the further research development.

“Everything is still in the early stages, but we are doing everything possible to examine women’s urine 100%, so that they are much more protected from most diseases around them” – they share scientists.

At the moment, the conclusions reached by scientists are that when examining the urine of a woman with bladder diseases, a change in the bacterial composition of the urine itself is observed.

Scientists are not clear on this issue because some say it is harmful and should not be done this way, but according to others, although infected, there are beneficial bacteria in this urine that would be beneficial to the body.


The goal of scientists is to understand the exact cause of all these urinary diseases and to be able to create a prevention for them and of course some kind of treatment.

Constant comparisons between different types of urine given by different individuals will be able to show which bacteria are beneficial to a woman’s body and against which bacteria it will be necessary to create aweapon to kill them. destroys.

Although at the beginning, the researchers think that soon they will be able to find the problem and deal with it and assure that in the coming years, there will not be a woman who will constantly worry about this kind of problems, because treatment already there will be!

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