Is 60 seconds of physical activity enough?

Canadian researchers from McMaster University in Ontario disagree that it is necessary to perform physical exercises for a long time. The research of the scientists confirmed that even with one minute of physical activity a person can improve his health.

Most people who skip training argue their choice with the lack of time, tiredness after the end of the working day and a lot of housework.

However, Canadian scientists assure that with intense exercise for 60 seconds three times a week, a person would increase their endurance and lower their blood pressure.

Scientists proved that the general state of health can be improved through intense physical exercises by conducting an experiment in which 14 men and women took part. All volunteers were overweight.

Scientists recommended them to observe a certain regime, implying minimum physical activity.

The results of the study showed that the general physical endurance of the participants in the experiment increased by 12%, their muscle tone significantly improved, and their blood pressure, on the contrary, decreased.

Canadian scientists were surprised that male volunteers significantly improved blood sugar control, but no similar effect was observed in women.

During the experiment, men and women prepared for the upcoming workout on regular exercise bikes for 2 minutes.

After a short warm-up, the volunteers had to pedal the exercise machines as fast as they could for 3 sets of 20 seconds each.

As after each of these series was followed by 2 minute intervals na slow rotation of the ergometer.

If we consider the total amount of time spent on exercise, it turns out that each person should devote to sports 30 minutes for 7 days, performing a complex developed by Canadian scientists, 3 times a week.

Researchers point out that not only ergometer can be used to achieve a positive result.

For useful physical activity, scientists define quick climbing of stairs or any other activity that requires maximum physical exertion.

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