Is anal sex useful or harmful?

Anal sex for many intimate couples is something extravagant and unusual, a variety in their sexual life that no one has taken away from them.

This type of sexual pleasure is resorted to both by young intimate partners who try to reveal all their love feelings, and by older married couples, for whom anal is a way to diversify intimate relationships and at the same time is a source of new sensations.

Anal sex is perceived by some as absolute lust, but there are not a few practitioners of this type of sexual pleasure.

However, there are many more who are prejudiced and define anal sex as absolutely unnatural and think that it can even be dangerous to health, since the anus is designed to dispose of the waste products of the human body’s metabolism. and not for procreation and obtaining sexual pleasure.

Among the opponents of this type of intimate relationship is the overwhelming number of women, since it is their anus that can suffer from them, but for men, anal sex can also be harmful.

But let’s start with the benefits

The beneficial consequences of anal sex for the body can be listed on the fingers of one hand and refer to the sensual-emotional side of the relationship between partners.

Physiologically for the body, this type of sexual pleasure is absolutely useless, and even harmful.

It can be beneficial in cases of reaching orgasm, and according to sexologists, for many women, orgasm during anal sex is often the first in their lives.

The benefits of anal sex consist of the following:

• manifestation of an extreme degree of trust in your partner;

• unprecedented diversity in the intimate life of each couple;

• the sexual act in such a case is usually longer compared to standard sex.

To benefit from anal sexual intercourse is possible, but only if the couple adheres to a number of rules and recommendations:

• proceed to anal sex only when the intimate partner is completely calm and relaxed, in which case, as never before, prolonged foreplay is extremely appropriate.

• Before intimate contact, it is mandatory to take a shower and during bathing or after a cleansing enema.

• Penetration into the anus must be carried out smoothly, and the whole process must take place without any sudden movements and thrusts.

• It is also mandatory to use special lubricants or at least petroleum jelly, but petroleum jelly itself is not advisable to apply, as it irritates the mucous membranes when it is in a concentrated form.

• Painful sensations should be a reason to stop intercourse.

• It is not desirable to introduce the penis very deeply.

• The use of a condom during anal sex is even more recommended than with traditional intimate caresses, it is even necessary that they be more special and, most importantly, healthy, that is, the probability of breaking is lower.


• It is not desirable to have anal sex more often than 2-3 times a month.

Frequent practice of anal sex and failure to comply with some of the above recommendations may cause irreparable harm to the body.

Harms from practicing anal sex

• Increased risk of contracting infectious and venereal diseases;

• Risk of infection of the genitourinary system;

• Unwanted pregnancy – there is a possibility of conception, as the intimate partner’s sperm can enter the vagina;

• Various disorders in the gastrointestinal tract;

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