Lose weight with soup

Soup is often on the list of healthy foods that help you lose weight faster. But which soups should we choose and are they all really good for maintaining a slim line?

What is the truth about soups and weight loss?

Let’s start with the fact that soups increase the feeling of satiety with the intake of significantly fewer calories and thus help the weight loss process. For example, many nutritionists advise before eating to drink a glass of water to get full faster, but it turns out that soup is much more effective in achieving this task.

Pennsylvania State University did a study. Three groups of people consumed three different types of food. The first consumed a portion of chicken, the second a portion of chicken and a glass of water, and the third the same portion of chicken but in the form of soup.

The results were interesting. People who consumed soup tended to consume about 100 fewer calories during the rest of the day compared to the other two groups. The reason is that when we take food together with water the body satisfies hunger, and apart from food it satisfies thirst.

Another study found that when a person consumes vegetable soup before pasta they tend to consume an average of about 135 fewer calories at the same meal than if they eat only pasta.

What kind of soup should we eat to lose weight?

In reality, it makes no difference whether you will consume ready-made canned soup or fresh, and whether it will be chicken or vegetable. The important thing is that each soup contains fewer calories than other dishes with a thicker consistency.

Of course, it is advisable to avoid creamy soups full of calories and choose chicken, tomato, mushroom and the like. It’s a good idea to start each meal with soup and salad and not worry about the rest. You will hardly have much free space left.

How much soup should we eat?

A serving of soup should be between 150 and 200 calories on average when a main meal is planned after it. Most ready-made soups offer a clearly described amount of calories , which will allow you to control calorie intake.

The only thing we should pay special attention to is the salt content. Remember that it can be quite high in ready-made soups.

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