Mediterranean diet

Dieting is not just about following a certain diet. It is something permanent. If you fundamentally change your lifestyle, the results will not be late.

If you are looking for a way to change your life and of course your body for the better, the best solution is the Mediterranean cuisine. She is the embodiment of a healthy way of eating.

Let’s look at a kind of pyramid of healthy food, typical for the countries of Southern Europe. It is important to know that the body is a reflection of a certain lifestyle. That is, you should not expect a sudden change – just make a decision once and for all.

1. At the base of the pyramid we will place not a specific food group, but physical activity. It is the basis of healthy weight loss, maintaining good physical shape and good health.

At the heart of the Mediterranean diet we will put walks in the fresh air (obligatory every day, no matter what the weather), cleaning at home, working in the yard, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball (can beach), hiking outside the city, dancing, fitness, yoga, weight lifting and much more.

2. After we have made a good start with motor activity, it is the turn of the foods that we must eat every day without missing a beat. They occupy the most basic level in the pyramid of proper nutrition and below them is only the active lifestyle.

Here we will put fruits and vegetables, potatoes, whole grain and rye bread, oats, nuts, legumes and seeds. This includes seasonal foods, minimally processed products that are rich in trace elements and antioxidants. These are the foods that we should consume absolutely every day without exception.

3. Here in the food pyramid comes the turn of another group of products, which should also be consumed every day, but in more reasonable quantities. Olive oil, sour and fresh milk, cheese and others. Although low-fat and Skimmed products are not traditional for Mediterranean cuisine, however we highly recommend them.

4. At the next level in the pyramid come the foods that you can include in your menu once or twice a week. Traditionally, for Mediterranean cuisine, fish is present about 2 times a week in the menu and poultry meat 1-2 times. This means that approximately every other day your menu should be lean. This food group includes eggs – about 4 per week. You could include them as you wish.

5. Sweets are bad, but you could have some dessert once or twice a week. This can be chocolate or something else but be careful with the amount. Keep it small! Note that this does NOT include honey. Honey in a small amount can be eaten every day.

6. Red meats. They should be avoided. You can eat red meat no more than once a week, preferably even less often. Prefer steamed, boiled, baked, but not fried.

7. At the top of the pyramid is wine. It can be consumed every day, but in a very small amount and preferably with dinner. Avoid it during pregnancy and of course before driving!

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