Sex after cesarean section

Regardless of the method of birth, whether natural or caesarean section, the body needs some time to recover.

According to many health experts, you need at least 6 weeks of rest before you can get your sex life back.

This is enough time for the cervix to recover, any tears to heal and any bleeding to stop.

You can also wait a longer time before having sex if you feel it is necessary. In fact, some women recover very quickly after giving birth, while for others even 6 weeks is not enough.

Some factors that can further delay the recovery of sex life may include fatigue, fear of pain and stress.

There are also many useful tips that you can listen to while you try to restore your sex life after a section.

1. When should we have sex after a C-section?

If you’ve recently had a C-section, it’s perfectly normal to have concerns and questions about the appropriate time to resume a full sex life.

Many women think that they will be able to have sex immediately after giving birth because they did not give birth naturally. Unfortunately, this is very far from the truth. After having a c-section, you need to wait at least 6 weeks.

It’s actually a good idea to wait until your next appointment with your doctor and consult him directly. During the examination, the doctor will evaluate the healing process.

He’ll want to make sure the postpartum bleeding has stopped, and if he’s sure you’ve recovered enough, he’ll give you the go-ahead.

2. Is sex after a C-section painful?

Sex after a C-section can often be accompanied by pain and discomfort. Some women complain of pain during sex even after the doctor has assured them that there is no danger in resuming sexual life with their partner.

The type of pain during sex after a C-section is more of a burning sensation than a stretching pain. Most women think that the pain is caused by some postpartum abnormality.

However, you should not worry because if there is any abnormality or damage, it would not go unnoticed by your doctor.

Some women who have had a C-section more than once complain of pain during sex every time they try to restore their sex life.

However, after a few times the pain goes away. One way to make it easier to resume your sex life is to use a lubricant.

If you happen to experience discomfort and pain during sex, you could ask your partner to wait a little longer and then you will be able to enjoy sex together again.

However, if the pain is too strong and unbearable, it will probably be better to postpone the attempts for at least a few weeks. This will give your body time to recover properly.

Believe it, in just a few weeks your body will be able to enjoy sex again.

3. Tips for having sex after a C-section – if you have decided to get your sex life back immediately after the six-week period, there are some tricks to help your body recover more easily and quickly.

First of all, start with positions during sex that you find most comfortable. It is important that there is as little pressure as possible on the abdomen where the incision was made.

The abdomen remains sensitive and the area may be sore for a while, so try to keep as little pressure on it as possible.

If you can’t wait to diversify your sex life, you could consider alternatives such as oral sex.

It will be simultaneously seductive, exciting, comfortable and most importantly – safe.

It is also important when rebuilding your love life to ask your partner to be more careful so that air does not enter the vagina during intercourse, as there is a danger of air entering into the bloodstream, and this can be dangerous.

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