Stress prevents weight loss

Take a deep breath. When you experience stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. It is designed to save you from life-threatening situations and protect you from injury and even death!

This hormone causes a huge burst of strength and energy. However, when we are under stress for a long time, the body starts to release cortisol in larger amounts making it a chronic problem.

High levels of stress can suppress thyroid function, lower the immune system, and harm blood sugar levels. When stress is prolonged, it can reduce muscle mass, increase blood sugar and cause type 2 diabetes, and increase fat tissue, especially in the abdominal area.

Chronic stress is associated with increased consumption of fatty and sugary foods, which in turn increase weight. From here it becomes a closed circle, because by accumulating extra pounds, people become significantly more prone to stress.

After all of this, you may realize that in order to shape a nice body you will need some way to help you deal with stress on a daily basis.

1. Cut back on caffeine – if you’re stressed, caffeine will further increase its effects and make cortisol even more destructive.

2. Train smart, not hard– more isn’t always better. Sometimes when we are stressed we don’t feel the result of training and increase the pace to see what we expect as a result. However, we forget that training is also stress.

Yes, not on an emotional level, but on a cellular level. So if you want results, don’t overwork yourself, just take breaks between exercises, alternating high intensity with rest.

3. Don’t compromise on time for yourself – every day set aside 8 hours for sleep, time for a nice walk in the fresh air and time for a good movie or a nice book. You can, believe me!

So if you diet and exercise but don’t see results just consider if these few things in your life are right and if they are not correct them. The results will not be late.

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