The 4 most common visible skin problems and their solution

Experts say the best solution for a sculpted figure is a combination of a healthy diet and exercise. But what to do to remove skin imperfections such as cellulite, varicose veins or skin discoloration.

Creams and ointments that are available on the market are not always effective. The results are often reduced to masking the problem rather than solving it completely. Small imperfections affect our self-esteem, and now during the summer the desire to get rid of them is greater than ever.


What exactly is cellulite? Widespread in women and less common in men, cellulite is an accumulation of fatty tissue that pushes the connective tissue under the skin. Colloquially, people use the term “orange skin”, which speaks for itself about the appearance of the skin.

Unfortunately, getting rid of cellulite completely is a difficult task. Losing weight will positively affect the overall condition of the body. Creams are only a small part of the fight against fatty deposits, and there is still no product available in stores that can solve this condition on its own.

Don’t rely solely on cosmetics, take matters into your own hands. Supply your body with the right amount of water and exercise regularly. Movement is health, and water is life.

Change in skin color

Spots and discoloration of the skin most often appear on the d├ęcolletage area and on the back. Discoloration is visible because of a decrease or increase in the level of melanin in certain areas of a person’s body.

There are dermatophyte fungi that cause the condition called ringworm (Kehl). This is a fungal infection of the skin that can contribute to the formation of round spots on the skin. Ringworm is mainly observed during summer days and in places with a constant warm climate.

Doctors advise that in such a condition it is mandatory to use sunscreen to protect the skin from burning. Exposing the skin to the sun will not only not solve the problem, but it may also make it worse.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are usually associated with sudden weight loss or weight gain. It usually appears after pregnancy or drastic weight loss or in other words in cases where the skin is subjected to extreme expansion.

Overweight people suffer from stretch marks, but it is also seen in teenagers as it is associated with rapid growth. Unpleasant cuts usually accumulate in the hip, abdomen or chest area. Medicine offers removal with the help of a laser. The reduction of stretch marks can also be done with the use of alternatives, such as massage procedures with various natural oils.

Varicose veins

Impaired blood circulation is the main cause of varicose veins or so-called varicose veins. Most often they form on the legs and especially around the ankles. This disease is characterized by widening, lengthening or coiling of the veins.

When standing in one place for a long time, the blood slows down and gets stuck in the legs. Due to the stagnation of blood, the pressure in the veins increases, and this leads to relaxation of the venous wall. Due to this disorder, the pumped blood returns downwards and causes dilation of the veins.

Prevention includes regular movement of the limbs and avoiding prolonged stagnation. It is also important that the socks you wear are not too tight, so as not to impair blood circulation.

Special injections or laser are used to treat varicose veins. Solutions that are injected mask the problem rather than solve it. Treatment of veins depends on the extent of the disease and the judgment of your personal physician.

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