The benefits of winter training

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find motivation to workout outdoors, winter at that.

Although the sun is burning without warming us up, it somehow inspires hope in everything and can also motivate us for a workout.

There is hardly a better alternative than a tough workout outdoors, and it’s good to forget about the suffocating life behind 4 walls from time to time.

Some worry that exercising outdoors in the winter when we sweat can be fatal, but it turns out there’s not much to worry about.

With good sportswear that keeps our body temperature normal and has enough layers so that sweat is not directly exposed to the cold and wind, anything is achievable.

True, winter training carries the danger of slipping, but its beneficial properties cannot be extracted from any other training.

Here are the benefits of exercising outdoors in winter.

1. You’ll burn more calories

In an environment that is definitely unfavorable, your body will find it much more difficult to maintain its usual vital functions and will work even harder to do so. Therefore, it will need more energy, that is, you will lose weight faster.

2. You will strengthen your heart

In cold weather, your heart will work harder in trying to push enough blood throughout your body. For a sick heart, this would be a problem, but if you do not complain of such symptoms, this exercise will benefit you.

This will strengthen the muscles around your heart, making it stronger and more durable for future workouts.

3. You will drink more water

Just do it, don’t necessarily wait until you’re thirsty. Water in winter supports your vital functions even more. It makes the body feel warmer, more energized and better.

In addition, drinking water before and during outdoor winter training increases peak performance and protects the body from injury.

4. You will be happier

In the beginning, you will undoubtedly feel resentment towards the actions you are taking. But little by little your workouts will become easier and more dynamic. Man is built in such a way that the moment he feels success, he becomes even more ambitious and sets bigger and bigger goals.

So sooner or later you will enjoy the results achieved and yearn for even greater successes, and at the same time you will build a very healthy mind in an even healthier body!

5. You will learn to warm up

Undoubtedly, a huge percentage of people skip the warm-up in their training. But it is crucial to keeping the body protected and in top shape, which will protect it from injury.

You will soon start to warm up as a habit, thus keeping your body temperature high. Also, when faced with a colder climate, you’ll be more resilient and won’t necessarily be cowering and moaning about how cold it is.

6. Winter Sun

It has long been known that the sun supplies the body with nutrients that are synthesized after direct contact with the sun’s rays. One of the substances that is extremely important is vitamin D.

Of course, the sun will not give you the usual supplies due to the cold weather, but it will still enrich you with the useful vitamin that positively affects your emotions. In winter, the amount of natural light is significantly limited, and through winter training you yourself can change this!

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