Why are walks good for health?

• A 30-minute daily walk cuts the risk of developing diabetes by almost half, and in people over the age of 60, the probability of developing this disease decreases by almost 70%.

• Walking reduces the risk of stroke by more than 25%.

• Walking lowers blood pressure. There are over 150,000 kilometers of blood vessels in the human body. They become much more flexible and stronger when a person walks regularly.

• Walking, in addition to reducing the risk of diabetes and stroke, also limits the risk of developing malignant diseases.

• For women who walk regularly, there is a 20% lower chance of developing breast cancer and a 31% lower risk of developing colon cancer.

• Women who have already developed breast cancer, if they start taking regular walks, will reduce the probability of recurrence of the malignant disease, and the risk of death decreases by more than 50%.

• Our body functions much better when we walk. It manages to resist various pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms much more effectively when we are on the move.

Also, the body heals itself in a much shorter time when we walk.

• But we don’t have to walk too long. 30 minutes a day is quite enough and has a very big positive impact on our health.

• Men who walk 30 minutes a day are significantly less likely to get prostate cancer. And there is also a reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer by more than 60%.

• And for men who have developed a malignant disease of the prostate, scientific studies have found that the probability of death decreases by 46%.

• Walking also helps prevent depression and people who walk regularly have been shown to improve their mental state.

• Regular walking helps strengthen the heart and bones and improve blood circulation.

• During a walk, positive neurochemicals are released. But a healthy diet is also important, because some foods cause the release of neurotransmitters that worsen the mood.

People look forward to going for a walk and enjoying it, as walking releases endorphins that make us feel good.

• When we walk every day, our body becomes healthier and stronger. And a single walk for 30 minutes lowers blood pressure by 5 mm. mercury column for 20 hours.

• Daily walks reduce the risk of blood clots in the legs. And for people who walk regularly, there is a much lower probability of developing the disease venous thrombosis.

• People who walk regularly are much less likely to catch common colds, characteristic of every autumn-winter season. But even if those who walk daily catch a cold, they show very mild and not so annoying symptoms.

• In people who regularly walk, an improved blood composition is observed in blood tests. Walking is an excellent way to lower total cholesterol, and a person who walks regularly is much less likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

• Walking significantly lowers the risk of hip fracture. And between 20 and 31% reduces the likelihood of gallstone formation.

Walking regularly is a way to feel happy. It facilitates healing of the body. It improves our general health as well as our emotional state. Regular walks can literally add several years to our lives.

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