Why is chocolate useful and necessary for children?

Scientists have found that chocolate is necessary and useful for children. It is no coincidence that they love sweets. This is their natural need.

And if adults control this process, then the pasta will be only and only useful for the child.

According to the results of a new scientific study published this summer in the American journal “Food & Nutrition Research”, children who consume sugar products and other sweet foods are not prone to obesity or weight gain above the norm.

It was found that in this case, although the child takes in too many calories and sugar through food, he does not become obese, thanks to the rapid growth of his organism, a mechanism is activated in which the excess calories are burned.

In addition, scientists suggest that when a child consumes too many sweet foods, a process of self-organization is triggered in his body. As a result, a caloric balance regulation begins.

Confectionery is something more than just a favorite food of children. They have a significant impact on the child’s development.

It is well known that the human brain, especially when taking in large amounts of information, needs glucose, which is mainly contained in sugar products. That is why students find it hard to do without chocolate.

But sugar products affect not only the body, but also in the formation of the character. Scientists from the American state of Kentucky that eating chocolate makes children better. This is explained very simply.

Chocolate stimulates the formation of serotonin in the brain, which is called the “hormone of happiness”. As a result, the child’s mood improves and he forgets about malice and dissatisfaction.

Quality sugar products will not only not harm the child’s health, but will also help him recover if he is sick.

Chocolate is known to be good for coughs, because it contains cocoa butter, which gives it this property. Even sometimes chocolate is much more effective against cough than traditional remedies.

Sweet foods can reduce sensitivity to pain. Recently, the following experiment was conducted in Great Britain – 100 children were divided into two groups, and all of the first group were given a glucose solution, and those from the second group – no.

All the children were then given injections. Those in the first group tolerated the pain more easily. Eating sweet foods releases endorphins, which reduce sensitivity to pain.

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