Why is the WHO director-general blaming the West for the Ebola virus?

The real reason for the current outbreak of the Ebola virus, and why more than 13,500 people have contracted Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa since last December, is that the most developed countries such as the US and those forming the EU,

strong>have done nothing to stop the spread.

This is according to a statement made by the World Health Organization, which blames Western greed for the lack of an effective cure for a disease that was first discovered in the 1970s. If this was a Western disease, surely a cure would have been found by now.

WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan asked the following question during a meeting of the African Regional Committee in Cotonou, Benin Republic: “Why, after Ebola emerged nearly 4 decades ago, are clinicians still empty-handed, they have not discovered vaccines and do not have a means of destroying the virus?”

In response to the question, Chan replies: “Because the Ebola virus has historically been limited to poor African countries”.

Western medicine, which is largely controlled by the interests of pharmaceutical companies, is only interested in profit and does not actually help people.

As a result, the deadly infectious disease discovered decades ago continues to once again ravage the poor rural areas of Africa, and recently infected people living in the cities.

Dr Chan, who denounced the West for doing nothing to stop Ebola, added that a profit-driven industry does not invest in products designed for markets that cannot pay.

The areas where Ebola is spreading have a very primitive healthcare infrastructure.

A mandatory element of bringing the spread of the deadly virus under control is to ensure a health care system that is able to simultaneously control several endemic outbreaks.

But it is lacking in much of rural Africa, where most countries lack the basic resources needed to contain the disease because of the large declines in their incomes following such a large-scale spread of the infectious disease.

“When the heads of state of countries not affected by the spread of Ebola talk about it, they rightly emphasize the inability to build basic infrastructure of health care locally in endemic areas in Africa .” – added Chan.

The Director-General of the WHO also points out that without a basic health infrastructure built in the endemic regions of Africa, none of the countries in the world can feel sure that they will not be overtaken by Ebola.

Actually, Dr. Chan mainly blames the US and more developed Western countries for not providing sufficient funding for the measures to stop the spread of Ebola. The WHO pressed the West to provide a certain minimum of funds for the achievement of these goals, but at this moment this funding is not fully secured.

According to the WHO, about 36% of those identified as essential for West Africa are not insured.

But after Chan’s statements, the United States agreed to allocate 6 billion dollars not only to stop the spread of the Ebola virus, but also to build the necessary healthcare to prevent the occurrence of a future outbreak of the virus infrastructure.

The European Union in the summer allocated about 200 million dollars to the WHO to deal with the spread of the virus, but this funding, according to Chan, is grossly insufficient.

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