10 possible causes of low sex drive

If sometimes your desire for sex evaporates, know that many other people are like you. And while a total lack of desire is a pretty serious problem when it’s permanent, temporary slumps are something anyone can go through.

Reasons for low sex drive can vary from person to person, but the most likely cause could be one of the ones we’ve listed below.

1. Stress

When you are under stress at home or at work, you are more likely to lose your sex drive. It is not by chance that everyone feels attracted to people who look relaxed and carefree. Excessive concern and many responsibilities are a real destroyer of sexual desire.

2. Illness

You can’t feel sexy when your nose is constantly running and your throat is sore and your temperature is above normal. Other causes like postmenstrual syndrome also cause a similar effect. And if it’s just a cold – fine. But if you suspect something more serious, such as hormonal or heart disease or diabetes, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.

3. Medications

Certain medications, especially sedatives, hypnotics, antidepressants, and hypertension medications, are well known for their detrimental effects on sexuality. In women, the cause of decreased libido can be, for example, some types of birth control pills. In addition to decreased sexual desire, these drugs could also make it harder for some women to reach orgasm.

4. Changes

Changes in daily lifestyle and routine, even when they are for the good, usually have a negative impact on sex drive in women. And there is nothing strange about that. In practice, even the most positive change is a kind of stress.

5. Aging

While many scientists claim that women’s sexual desire increases as they age, other studies show that approaching menopause can cause a greatly reduced desire for sex or unpleasant feelings on the part of the woman even at the thought of being touched.

In some women, menopause leads to severe dryness of the vagina, and this can cause pain during intercourse or even a complete reluctance to have intimacy.

6. Relationship Problems

If you have a temporarily reduced desire for intimacy with your partner, there is nothing to worry about. But if your desire is completely absent, then this is a possible expression of problems in your relationship that are looking for a way to come to light.

7. Body Acceptance

The best thing to do for your sex life is to learn to respect your own body, love its curves and enjoy the sensations it can give you bring.

If you are ashamed of your body, then the probability of wanting to hide it from your partner is very high, and this can lead to a gradual extinction of the passion between you.

8. Depression

Anyone can experience days of depressed mood, but if it becomes a way of life and the days turn into weeks and even months, then the desire for intimacy can sink quite deep into your thoughts and fall out of your daily life in general.

9. Birth

The arrival of a new family member can in itself be a strong enough change to cause depression in some women, and this is completely natural. Still, this is something big and important. This change can lead to a decreased libido in the woman.

Breastfeeding also contributes, as breastfeeding women have lower estrogen levels. The reduced amount of the hormone can even cause drying of the mucous membrane of the vaginal walls.

10. Alcohol or drug use

In the long term, alcohol and drug use can be detrimental to sexual desire.

What can help?

Recently, people are leading a very sedentary and stagnant lifestyle, and this is affecting sexuality.

For example, if you start eating healthy and doing sports, as well as moving for a longer time by the sea or in the park, then the probability of increasing sexual desire is very high.

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