Castration extends the life of men by 20 years

Why do women live longer than men and how to correct this injustice embedded in nature – these questions have been asked by many of us, if not all of us.

And now scientists from South Korea have finally found the key to male longevity. However, it is unlikely that the representatives of the strong half of humanity will want to prolong their lives at such a high price. To achieve this they must be castrated.

Scientists from Incheon University found that castrated men live about 20 years longer. The researchers reached this conclusion after a thorough analysis of the genealogical records of the Korean Imperial Palace.

More than 500 years of records testify that the eunuchs who supervised the harem of the Korean emperors lived on average about 14-19 years longer than other men. Moreover, in 3 of the scopenes died over the age of 100, which was an extremely rare phenomenon in those years.

Scientists note that Korean eunuchs are 130 times more likely to live to be 100 years old than citizens of modern developed countries. In comparison, the average life expectancy of the members of the Korean imperial family did not exceed 45 years.

Korean scientists suggest that this difference in life expectancy is due to the absence of sex hormones in lean men – such as testosterone, which can reduce life expectancy. This also explains why women usually live longer than men.

It should be noted that scientists are not talking about castration as a way to achieve longevity for the first time.

Earlier, researchers found that although men deprived of their reproductive organs lose their masculine attractiveness and aggressive nature, they get an opportunity to rebuild their bodies at a cellular level . Thanks to this, scopenes live longer than other men.

However, there are less radical methods for those who dream of living to a ripe old age.

Recently, scientists have found that proper nutrition and the refusal to eat unhealthy foods such as so-called fast food and white bread can prolong the life not only of the person who adheres to these rules, but also of his generation.

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