10 useful tips for people with addictions

Millions of people around the world suffer from various types of addictions. Nothing can replace full-fledged therapy conducted by a professional. However, below we have outlined 10 invaluable tips that can be of great help to you.

1. Make changes

Change places, things around you and people – everything you used to spend time with. Overcoming addictions is easiest when the environment is completely changed. Remember – nothing changes when nothing changes

2. A safe home

Make sure that nothing at home reminds you of the past – no ashtrays, lighters and other accessories.

3. Be Accountable to Someone

Have a friend available to check in periodically on how you’re doing. This way you’ll feel accountable to someone you trust.

This will help you stick to the plan and follow your new path. It is a good idea to seek help and support from people who have been on the same path as you.

4. Replacement therapy

Replace your previous harmful activity with something that engages you every day, but in a different and new beneficial way.

The best solution is to do some kind of sport – every day! Also, you can find a favorite food that you include in your menu very often to nourish the sensors of pleasure.

This could be a favorite fruit drink or chocolate (don’t overdo it though). Watch comedy movies, attend funny shows, draw, learn to play a musical instrument. Find something that makes you happy.

5. Dreams and visualization

Imagine how you want to see yourself in the future. Close your eyes and picture what your perfect world would look like in time. This is often the best solution that can stimulate you to change your life by following your dreams.

Imagine enjoying something pleasant and healthy in the future.

6. Try to spend all your time doing something useful

Organize your day in a completely different way than before;

Think of the evenings, and how to engage them pleasantly and profitably;

Don’t leave yourself a lot of free time – try to be very engaged and always make backup plans, if something fails in the previous ones;

See that it does not happen that you feel lonely and bored;

Spend more time with your family;

Rejoice in their successes too;

7. Educate yourself and seek answers to the following questions:

Seek more information about how your addiction may have affected your body;

Find out what would happen to your body in the future if it weren’t for this lifestyle change;

How will you feel in a year or two if you pass the test?

How will your life change in a few years?

Would you have turned 40 if you hadn’t changed your life?

See photos of people who didn’t make the positive change you dared;

Finally, consider the social effect your behavior would have had on those close to you if you had not given up your addiction.

8. Keep notes

Describe all the times you upset someone, or someone upset you, or you lied to someone, or someone misled you, or you manipulated someone, or someone else manipulated you. Think about how you would have acted before and how you would act now.

9. Keep things simple

Think about plans for the week, for the day, for the next few hours, even for the next minute.

10. Keep in touch with a professional

Find a professional who can stimulate you and help you keep your body clean and not succumb to your addiction again.

Instead of conclusion:

When you have negative thoughts, just don’t focus on them. Let them go and know that the feeling of negativity won’t last forever.

Once you can deal with your negative mindset, it will be much easier to overcome a bad mood next time because you know it is not permanent.

The first moments after starting the treatment will be the most difficult and then you need to be surrounded by positive and well-intentioned people.

Spend more time around young people or if you have children or nieces and nephews.

Enjoy yourself and your new pursuits.

If you’re unhappy you’re more likely to fall back into old habits, and unhappiness comes from not enjoying the moment.

Happiness is an inner feeling that is most easily awakened when we help children or the elderly.

So the next time you’re having a bad day, just make someone else’s day good and it will pay off.

You can always help someone who is more unhappy and in a worse situation than you.

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