10 ways to reduce the belly after pregnancy

The joy and happiness of motherhood is undeniable, but pregnancy also brings some unpleasant effects on the body.

One of them is the belly, which after birth is very difficult to retract. Some women never have the flat stomach they had before after having children.

But don’t despair, here are 10 tips that will go a long way in getting you back in shape.

1. Give yourself time

Getting your tummy back after giving birth takes time. Although it seems like movie stars get back into shape just a week after giving birth, in reality it doesn’t happen so quickly and easily.

Your body has gone through tremendous changes over the past nine months; it is not expected to react so quickly.

2. Breastfeed

If you have enough breast milk, feed the child this way. Breastfeeding burns calories – up to 500 extra calories per day!

3. Get moving

Make sure you’re able to get back into exercise after pregnancy, and it’s best to talk to your doctor about when it’s safest to do so.

When it’s time to move, start with small steps and without excessive strain. Start with a walk around the neighborhood or sign up for a postpartum yoga or aerobics class.

Try to devote 30 minutes to this, at least three times a week.

4. Eat Little, But Often

If you wait until you’re hungry to eat, you’re likely to take in too many calories. Avoid overeating and maintain your metabolism by eating 5-6 small portions a day.

5. Eat fruit between meals

To keep from getting hungry between main meals, eat fruit. This way you will satisfy your craving for sweets.

Keep washed and cut fruits and vegetables on hand. Try frozen grapes or apples with peanut butter to satisfy hunger pangs.

Stock your cupboards with high fiber and low fat foods. Forget chips and ice cream. If you keep them at home, you won’t be tempted to eat them.

6. Think in perspective

With a small baby at home, it can be difficult to find time to cook. So take a few hours on Sunday and prepare food for the whole week.

Divide it into individual portions and freeze them. Ask family and friends to relieve you of childcare during this time.

7. Load up on fiber

Make your menu so that you consume high fiber foods. Focus on foods like oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Choose bread with at least three grams of dietary fiber per piece, whole-grain pasta and brown rice.

8. Eat Dietary Protein

Replace fatty meats with lean meats such as chicken and fish. Wild salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful in weight loss.

Nursing mothers should be careful with tuna consumption and avoid swordfish due to the fluke and mercury content.

9. Drink plenty of water

Water is like oil that helps the wheels turn smoothly. Hydration is essential for weight loss, aids digestion and suppresses appetite. Aim for eight glasses a day.

10. Seek support

Ask for help, whether it’s a family member or a nutritionist, to stick to your diet plan.

If your partner can watch the baby while you go for a walk or nap (don’t underestimate the power of restful sleep), you’ll get back in shape more easily.

Make sure you have the necessary emotional support we all need.

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