12 symptoms of sexual depression

Depression marches victoriously through society in various forms. Recently, a new type of depression has become popular – the so-called sexual depression.

Believe it or not, it has affected many people and is a very real and serious problem. Here we have prepared for you a list of 12 symptoms that indicate that you are most likely suffering from sexual depression.

1. The first and most obvious symptom of sexual depression is that the sufferer does not feel any desire to masturbate.

2. The idea of ​​foreplay and fun with your partner does not seem like a pleasant experience, but a waste of time that does not bring you any pleasure and pure hamology. You want everything to be over as quickly as possible.

3. You prefer to wear warm and comfortable underwear, and your closet is full of models that make your body exciting and sexy.

4. You think a glass of wine will fix things.

5. You wear the same bra under your clothes and practically don’t care one bit how you look in it or if they find you sexy.

6. The idea of ​​taking a warm and fragrant bath with oils and lit candles seems like the biggest stupidity in the world, and at the same time you prefer to douse yourself quickly with water and wash yourself out of the bath.

7. You don’t care that you leave your bed messy when you go out. You have the full confidence that you will go home without company tonight and no one will under any circumstances see your messy room.

8. You have great shoes that make your feet look sexy but you’re wearing the old ripped rubber boots because you don’t care if you look sexy or not.

9. You read old romance novels, hoping that the romance might make you want to rekindle your love life, but it doesn’t have much of an effect.

10. You see a great guy on the street with a body like he’s straight out of the gym, but you’re never impressed. You feel kind of bored and don’t feel any sexual desire.

11. You wonder if you even remember how to kiss, and sometimes you even doubt that you will;

12. You try to watch more erotic or porn movies in a desperate attempt to arouse your own desire, but the result is none or insignificant.

Most people are not used to seeking psychological help when they are depressed, but it is important for your physical and emotional health.

You shouldn’t pass this off and think it’s “just” sex, because a love life is an important part of any mature adult’s life.

If you have similar problems, your therapist can help you a lot, and very soon you will be able to enjoy your intimate life again.

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