3 foods that will protect you from hair loss

Hair loss is a very serious problem that can lead to partial or complete baldness at a very young age.

Many people try to solve this problem through a rich palette of medicines, cosmetic products or traditional remedies, but often their attempts turn out to be in vain.

In many cases of “hair loss treatment“, in fact, after using a certain product, the problem, instead of being solved, becomes even more serious, and the result is stress, depression, nerves and other unpleasant emotional states.

Deficiency of zinc and protein in the diet has been found to lead to rapid baldness and graying of hair.

Hair is made of long protein chains called keratin. Zinc accelerates the formation of new cells or in other words – it makes your hair grow faster, and when it’s gone, your hair starts to disappear with it.

If you’re wondering what food to add to your diet to strengthen your hair from root to tip, just start eating more fish.

Salmon and tuna are some of the richest protein fish, which, in addition, contain omega-3 fatty acids, and are an extremely suitable product for hair strengthening.

We need protein to build enzymes to catalyze metabolic reactions in our body.

Eggs are also a very good product for strengthening hair. They are rich in protein, vitamins and fatty acids, which deeply nourish the hair.

Eggs are a great way to solve most problems that your hair can give you because they are healthy, cheap, easily available and above all, a natural alternative, a treatment from nature that can support your hair not only internally, but also externally.

They make the hair strong, prevent it from breaking and also give it softness and softness.

Most pharmaceutical medications that “treat” hair are rich in various oils to nourish it.

It’s just that the body needs time to establish a new product that is given to it so that it can take it in and break it down, not throw it away.

Eggs are very rich in such oils, but unlike pharmacy products, their action is well known to the organism and therefore there is no danger of side effects, rejection of the products, etc. when consumed for the purpose of healthy hair.

That’s why these little shelly things are so popular with their hair care.

Beans and chickpeas are also good product choices if you want to support your hair, strengthen it and add shine.

A cup of chickpeas to use as a dressing on your salad will not only keep your weight in check, but also help you have really healthy and beautiful hair.

In addition, chickpeas are known for their beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and in case you have high blood, it will take care of that too!

Dried fruits such as raisins and almonds are also good choices for strengthening hair.

They are rich in iron, which is a key factor in the formation of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a very important element of the composition of the blood, which, in turn, carries oxygen to the organs and tissues in our body. p>

When the hemoglobin level is below normal, oxygen fails to distribute evenly among all tissues and organs, and various problems and diseases arise, such as hair loss for example. That is why it is important to maintain high levels of hemoglobin in our body.

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