3 scary facts about smartphone addiction

Most of us are aware of the problems of the Y generation, and one of the main ones, which is also pointed out by the medical community, is the constant use of mobile devices, of which the most common at the moment are smartphones.

Probably, each of us has at least once experienced the feeling of being literally without clothes when we are left without a connection to the mobile network for a certain period of time.

Some people are even willing to pay exorbitant amounts for roaming so they don’t feel cut off when they have to travel abroad or spend their holidays in a country outside the European Union.

It should be noted, however, that a similar phenomenon is more likely to be observed in the USA, since in Bulgaria, due to the lower standard of living, most people do not have the opportunity to travel abroad, but spend their summer vacations or The Black Sea coast or in one of our mountain resorts.

And in recent years, the prices of the roaming service within the EU have decreased quite a bit and are currently quite affordable, so it is exaggerated to talk about spending fabulous sums for the use of this service.

However, the phenomenon of smartphone addiction is observed, since many people, when they do not have access to the network, feel unhappy or in a bad mood.

Even for some people, teenagers are among the highest risk groups, because they are still mentally fragile, this obsession with the mobile phone can get out of control.

According to the American Psychological Association, today 56% of Americans own a smartphone and most of them are completely addicted to it.

In Bulgaria, the owners of these smart mobile phones are, of course, fewer in number. According to Google data from 2013, 28% of Bulgarians have smartphones, or 2 times less than in the USA, if we equate this ratio to the population of Bulgaria, this means approximately 2.3 million users.

Another interesting fact is that 76% of smartphone owners are in the under 40 age group.

And on that note, below are 15 disturbing facts to give you a reason to put your smart phone away today, or at least until lunch break.

1. From the bathroom to the bedroom

Most people use their smartphones in some pretty strange places, for example, according to a recent survey, 9% of American smartphone owners have handled them during sex.

And considering the number of smartphone owners in Bulgaria compared to the USA, probably in our country, people who use their smartphones during intimate caresses are not at all small.

The same survey found that 12% of Americans use their cell phones in the shower, and 19% handle them when they go to church.

2. It is possible that this obsession with the smartphone will turn into a mental illness

Addiction to smart mobile devices now has an official name and treatment centers have even been opened in California and of course the USA. If you feel afraid due to the lack of access to your smartphone, you probably suffer from nomophobia – a term that was created in the UK in 2008.

3. The smartphone can ruin a person’s work and fun

Psychologist David Sheffield of Stanford University conducted a study that found that the use of a smart cell phone caused the loss of a job or the loss of a relationship with an intimate partner of 9% of those asked.

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