4 reasons for lack of sexual desire after childbirth

Doctors recommend waiting 6 weeks before resuming your sex life after giving birth. However, this is an academic question. In theory, the body needs this time to recover from the pains of childbirth.

In practice, however, it is possible for your libido to remain very low for a longer period of time. Your lover will most likely be understanding, and in most cases men are prepared for this in advance.

It is completely normal for your sex drive to be significantly reduced even after the 6 weeks in question are up.

It’s important to keep in touch with your partner, talk about how you feel and not let the lack of intimacy under the sheets spill over into your personal life.

Some studies show that after giving birth, women may experience a reduced desire or a complete lack of desire for sex, even for three months after giving birth.

Decreased libido can be caused by a variety of factors, including overtiredness, psychological fears and anxieties, distraction, and of course, hormonal changes.

You have to remember one thing though: this reduced desire is only temporary. After some time and with the right disposition on the part of your partner, you can restore your fulfilling relationship.

Here are the four most common reasons for decreased desire after pregnancy:

1. Fatigue

This is probably the most obvious reason. Whether a woman has given birth naturally or by C-section, she will need some time to recover.

After the appearance of a baby in the family, young parents usually concentrate so much time and energy on raising it that they rarely have the desire and energy for sex.

Most soon-to-be mothers say they prefer to spend their little free time on vacation.

2. Hormonal changes

Pregnancy, birth and caregiving open up the “bag of hormonal changes”.

In practice, breastfeeding affects women’s sexual desire by lowering their hormone levels, which some experts say is to ensure the health of the new generation in a more natural way.

Some mothers who have recently given birth even have mild anemia which causes fatigue and reduces sexual desire.

3. Psychological fear

There are psychological factors that reduce women’s sexual desire after childbirth.

It is quite possible that a woman who has recently given birth feels low self-esteem and fears that her partner will no longer enjoy sex because of some changes in her vagina.

There is also another reason that can provoke a lack of desire for sex, and that is the fear of a possible new pregnancy.

However, the main part of the problem can be attributed to postpartum depression, which is considered the biggest cause of lack of desire for sex after childbirth.

4. Distractions

A newborn baby normally takes up a huge amount of a mother’s time, especially when she has to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him and change his diapers.

All of this can exhaust a woman to the point where she completely takes her attention away from her partner and her own sexual needs.

Partners of soon-to-be mothers must mobilize all their understanding and patience, especially considering the busy schedule around the baby.

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