5 tips on how to talk to your kids about sex

When the time comes when we have to explain to our children about “the birds and the bees”, most of us feel uncomfortable. Many men tend to walk out of the room and let moms take care of themselves, but that’s not the best solution for a dad.

According to a survey of 200 female respondents aged 19-21, they said they wished their fathers had played a bigger role in sex education and added the lack of male attention on the issues of sexuality.

What experts recommend is to talk openly with children when we need to point out facts about risky sex because parents cannot rely on the education system alone to educate their children . On the other hand, dads can’t just rely on moms when it comes time for awkward questions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to your kids about sex:

1. Call things by their anatomical names

Say “penis” or “vagina” because given the small range of words young children know, they may subconsciously perceive these areas of their anatomy as “dirty” or “bad” and thus you will make them ashamed of themselves.

2. When you talk about sex with your kids, talk positively

Talk positively about sex when you talk to your kids about sex. This way they will see sex as a good thing and you drastically reduce the chance of influencing their orientation or making them feel ashamed. For example, “sex is something very nice and very pleasant, but it must be with someone you really care about, you must be sure that you can trust your partner 100%”.

3. Also be aware of the double standard

Fathers often feel obligated to protect their daughters, no matter what the cost, and society encourages them. When “girl” is mentioned, people often start conversations like “Dad, you better load the shotgun, go out and crush your daughter’s boyfriend because he’s going to take advantage of her.”

If you’re a dad, it’s better to talk openly with your daughter, asking her about her friends, dating, etc., rather than necessarily going out with a shotgun. In this way, you will predispose her and after a while she will come and share on her own. Otherwise, you will get the effect of the tied dog – the moment you untie him, he starts doing all sorts of stupid things. After allforbidden fruit is the sweetest, so don’t present the facts as if there is something forbidden.

4. Encourage your children to use condoms

Explain to them all the benefits of protection, as well as the serious consequences of risky sex, so that they have all the information they need, and you do not become grandparents prematurely. Explain to them about all the diseases that they can catch with any type of sex, because the young generation in general thinks that oral sex carries no risks with it.

Explain to children where to get condoms, when and how to use them. Because of the incredible improvements condoms have undergone, explain to your kids that they aren’t “bad,” they add tremendous security, and some brands are so versatile they even seem funny. And most importantly, make sure they realize that condoms don’t take away the sensation, on the contrary, some even enhance it.

5. Conversations about sex should be repeated

Talks about sex should be a discussion that you have with the child until he grows up. At each age, children will perceive information differently and have different questions. So it is important to keep this topic updated. Children may show by their behavior that they are uncomfortable, they may not seem interested, but trust me – they are listening.

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