60 weird but true facts about sex that many people don’t know

1. From a medical point of view, a woman is most likely to cheat on her partner during ovulation.

2. If someone strikes you as sexually attractive, the likelihood of being able to convincingly lie to them is significantly lower.

3. Even when it is in very minimal amounts, human seminal fluid consists of over 30 different substances.

These include nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, inositol, cholesterol, glutathione, creatine, pyruvic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid and vitamin B12, along with various salts and enzymes.

4. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same chemical that is also associated with the pleasurable sensations of sexual attraction and love.

5. Women who have not given birth have a lighter color of the labia compared to women who have.

6. Most women have their highest libido right before their period.

7. In donor sperm banks, the donated seminal fluid is stored at a temperature of (-160)’C. At such a temperature, the seminal fluid can be stored indefinitely.

8. The age at which a man reaches sexual peak is about 18 years.

9. The planet could be populated with the same number of inhabitants it has now, just from the seminal fluid that can fit in an aspirin capsule.

10. Only one hen’s egg can contain all the eggs needed to populate the earth to its present state.

11. During a sexual act, in addition to the genitals and breasts, the inside of the nose also swells.

12. One sexual intercourse burns about 100 calories.

13. 2 to 5 million sperm are released with each ejaculation.

14. Ladies who read romance novels have on average twice as many partners over a given period of time as those who don’t.

15. Almost ⅓ of women over 80 still havesexual experiences with their husband or boyfriend.

16. The pulse in men and women during orgasm reaches about 140 beats per minute on average.

17. On average, ladies have sex about 3,000 times in their lifetime.

18. Before the age of 40, men need less than 10 seconds to get an erection.

19. According to women, the size of the penis is the ninth most important quality in a man, while on average men put this quality in third place.

20. In one hour, sperm can swim approximately 18 centimeters.

21. The longest penis measured so far is 33 centimeters long, and the shortest – only 1 centimeter.

22. For every 20 masochistic men, there is one woman with such tendencies.

23. Statistically speaking, about 75% of men ejaculate about 3 minutes after penetration.

24. Over his lifetime, a man will expel an average of about 17 liters of seminal fluid.

25. The population of Australia is the most open-minded when it comes to having sex with more than one person. About 28% of Australians say they have tried with more than one partner at the same time.

26. 1 in 50 people say they have tried sex on a plane.

27. 15% of people say they have had a sexual experience at work.

28. 41% of men say they would like to have sexmore often compared to 29% of women.

29. Greek couples have the most sex – approximately 138 times a year. This puts them in first place in the world. Last in the ranking are the Japanese – approximately 45 times a year.

30. 5% of elderly people have sex once a day and about 20% – about 3-4 times a week.

31. Sexual arousal causes the nipples to harden in about 60% of men.

32. About ½ of women report that they most often have sex with a new partner on the third date.

33. About 80% of men living in the United States are circumcised.

34. Women masturbate most often at the age of 40.

35. There is a direct correlation between regular sex and high life expectancy in men.

36. Sex is 10 times more sedative than valium.

37. A tension headache is best treated with sex because sex relaxes the blood vessels.

38. 44% of women and 31% of men say that they would not enjoy sex with a partner who is not on their intellectual level.

39. At any given moment, about 25% of all people are thinking about sex.

40. About 50% of Americans have had sex over the phone, over the Internet, or through various text messaging apps.

41. During an erection, about two teaspoons of blood enter the penis.

42. On average, every driver will have sex in a car about 6 times in their lifetime.

43. Americans spend twice as much money on pornography as they do on cookies.

44. The clitoris in women has twice as many nerves as the penis in men.

45. One in five women living with a permanent partner also have a relationship with another man.

46. Humans, chimpanzees and dolphins are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure.

47. The volume of the vagina in women shrinks by 30% during orgasm.

48. In the female body, sperm can survive up to 9 days.

49. 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation and 10% have some form of sexual dysfunction.

50. Masturbation is an effective treatment for depression.

51. A longer ring finger compared to the index finger is a signal of high testosterone.

52. On average, a man’s penis is about ⅓ longer than the average depth of a woman’s vagina.

53. On average, men with a non-standard sexual orientation have a longer penis than heterosexual men.

54. 85% of women say they are very satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis.

55. On average, ladies need about 4 minutes to reach orgasm during masturbation and between 10 and 20 minutes during intercourse.

56. Studies have shown a correlation between the length of the index finger and the length of the penis in men.

57. 34% of men and 10% of women lie to get sex.

58. Black women reach orgasm 50% faster than white women.

59. 68% of men and 59% of women have had sexual relationships in the past that they have not told and will not tell their current partner.

60. 70% of men and women say they fantasize about someone else during sex.

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