7 therapies for recovery after chronic prostatitis

Medications, prostate massage and radical lifestyle changes are all recommended by doctors to treat prostatitis.
And as soon as men get rid of the excruciating pain and their sexual desire returns, they are ready to forget about the past of the disease and plunge into life, which again begins to sparkle with bright colors.

What should you know about rehabilitation after prostatitis?

1. Sports help

Even after the patient has undergone the entire course of treatment, he should not forget to take care of his health, which is necessary for his recovery.

Often to people who have had chronic prostatitis, doctors recommend a rehabilitation course. Ideally, this should take place in a medical facility or a sanatorium.

Depending on the type of health center, patients can undergo a range of effective treatments. First of all – these are training in the gym, water aerobics or physical therapy.

Thanks to sports, the contraction of the muscles in the pelvis is accelerated, which has a beneficial effect on the area of ​​the prostate gland.

2. Mud treatment

Although many men are convinced that mud treatment is more suitable for women who dream of rejuvenation, this procedure also works effectively on chronic prostatitis.

It is carried out like this: men insert a tampon soaked in medicinal mud at a certain temperature into their anus, which must be kept in the rectum for half an hour for 10-12 days.


This is not the most pleasant method, but it not only dissipates the remaining inflamed areas, but also increases the body’s defenses.

3. Paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy is a much more pleasant, but no less useful type of treatment. Paraffin paws, heated to a temperature of 38-40 degrees, are placed in the perineum area for 10-12 days. This procedure can also reduce residual inflammation and strengthenmale health.

4. Ozokerite therapy

In chronic prostatitis patients are often recommended therapy with the healing stone ozokerite. It is heated and placed on problem areas. The stone has high anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Water procedures

For men with chronic prostatitis, water procedures are recommended. Chloride, sodium, razon or iodine-bromine baths are recommended in sanatoriums for the stronger sex.

They not only perfectly restore strength, but also improve sexual function.

6. Hyperbaric oxygenation

Thanks to the hyperbaric oxygenation procedure, which uses the effect of oxygen under high pressure, the period of treatment of chronic prostatitis is significantly reduced, and the period of remission is extended.

This is due to the increased amount of oxygen in tissues that suffer from hypoxia.

7. Laser stimulation

The effect of all the listed therapies is increased several times thanks to physiotherapeutic procedures, namely laser treatment using low-intensity laser stimulation. Electrophoresis, electrostimulation and magnetotherapy, which are available in most healthcare facilities, should not be ignored.

The most important thing in sanatorium-resort treatment is to strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions, as well as not to forget taking preparations for restoring men’s health.

The main drug during rehabilitation is considered to be “Prostatilen”, which shows high effectiveness as a preventive and curative agent for chronic prostatitis in remission.

Thanks to taking this preparation, bacterial exacerbation of the inflammatory process, which often occurs in patients in the recovery period, can be avoided.

Suppositories “Prostatile” are good to put for ten days one suppository in the evening, especially since they do not represent any inconvenience as a procedure.

It has been proven that the preparation also restores the reproductive function, which, as a rule, is reduced during the disease.

And, of course, walk more in the fresh air. With the help of all these methods, you will become a lively, healthy and energetic person again.

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