7 things you need to know about sex after giving birth

There is a lot of information about sex, and there is also a lot of information about life after you have a baby, but there are some things about sex after giving birth that are not so well known.

After your doctor gives you the green light that you are ready to safely resume your sex life, you are probably asking yourself one question – will it be the same? Here, Dr. Gabriel Morrissey will tell you what the reality is and what to expect.

1. Sex can feel different

Your sexual sensations will change, and so will your libido. Some things will feel better, some things will feel different. And that’s completely normal. Sex may be the last thing on your mind during the first 6-8 weeks after giving birth. But when you feel ready, the experience can be different both physically and emotionally.

2. Your orgasm will change

Orgasm may feel different, and you may achieve it differently. What gives you pleasure may also change a bit. All of this happens over a longer or shorter period of time. You may enjoy a different type of stimulation. Just remember one thing – different does not mean worse.

3. Milk may leak

If you are breastfeeding, you may experience milk leakage during arousal or during orgasm. This doesn’t always happen, but the possibility definitely exists. Some people think it’s incredibly sexy, and others would prefer to know about it beforehand.

4. You can be exhausted and excited at the same time

You have no way of knowing what real fatigue is until you have to take care of a newborn. You may have heard it, but experiencing it is another thing. When it comes to sex, however, it’s entirely possible to be half asleep and very aroused at the same time.

5. Your body will be different

Your body may feel like it’s completely different and new. Both you and your partner will have to get used to this. But new does not mean worse. What turned you on before may not work now, so you have to experiment.

6. You may be busy with other things during sex

You may feel very connected to your partner, very turned on, but still have one ear to hear if the baby is crying or and transfer to your mind tasks that you have to do.

In this way, sex can be one of the things you do at the same time, but it won’t be permanent, just for a while. For some women it feels kind of natural, for others it’s distracting and annoying.

Your partner may accept it or be embarrassed by it. It is important to maintain communication between you so that you are able to discuss such issues freely and not keep them to yourself.

7. You may feel sexier than ever

Some women are amazed at what their bodies have achieved. The development for 9 months of a new life and the birth of the little person can cause a woman to admire herself.

Respecting one’s body can be a huge power and have an extremely positive effect on you. It can make any woman feel more erotic and sexy than ever!

Not everyone will feel this way, but don’t be surprised if you feel like your body is actually fantastic.

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