7 ways to strengthen the immune system of children

How to strengthen the protective forces of the child’s organism during the period of exacerbation of respiratory diseases?

1. Encourage the child to move more

Unfortunately, in most modern families, the traditional morning gymnastics is no longer in fashion. And this is extremely incorrect, because only 10-15 minutes of physical activity after waking up activates the body’s resistance to viruses.

Of course, it is best that you do the gymnastics together with the child, and it is advisable to change the exercises from time to time, as well as the musical accompaniment.

In this case, you will not turn morning gymnastics into an annoying duty for him. The exercises will not only strengthen his body, but will have a beneficial and emotional effect.

Agree that it is much better for your child to go to kindergarten or school with a smile and a great mood than sleepy and gloomy.

By the way, some experts are of the opinion that the smile itself is a powerful immune shield that protects the body from the common cold and from acute respiratory and viral infections.

2. Prepare herbal teas for the child every day

With the onset of the influenza epidemic period / for now in Bulgaria, the patients with acute respiratory diseases are within the normal limits for the season, and the peak of the seasonal flu according to the RZI expected to be in February 2015./ the child should be provided with an increased intake of vitamin C.

This is most easily achieved with herbal teas. Suitable for strengthening immunity are tea with lemon, echinacea and honey. It can be alternated with ginger tea.

In addition, you can buy and give the child vitamin complexes that include ascorbic acid. And you can take it separately in the form of effervescent tablets.

3. Include more fruits and vegetables in the child’s diet

American scientists have found that the most suitable for strengthening the immune system are green vegetables such as cabbage, green peas, broccoli, etc. Naturally, it is better to eat vegetables fresh.

Since vitamin C is destroyed by light and heat, it is better to cut vegetables into larger pieces to preserve more of it when consumed. Fruits should be present in children’s menu every day.

4. Temper the child

This is a very effective way to prevent colds. But under one condition, the process must be carried out gradually. The essence of hardening consists in training the body’s thermoregulation mechanisms and activating its resistance to the harmful effects of external environmental factors.< /p>

5. Children should be walked daily

Even if it is cold outside, outdoor walks are necessary. However, in this case it is recommended to reduce their duration.

6. Control the child’s stress levels

Nervous overstrain can become the cause of various diseases, including respiratory ones. Constant exposure to stress compromises the immune system, significantly weakening its barrier functions. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to observe the mental health of their children.

7. Provide your child with conditions for a full and sufficiently long sleep

Sleep is directly related to the immune system. It is very important if your child attends kindergarten or goes to school to follow the daily schedule. You should encourage him to go to bed on time. So in the morning it will wake up cheerful and healthy.

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