A few ways to get her into bed!

Do you remember when you first learned about sex?

You were probably about 6-7 years old and all this seemed disgusting, even disgusting.

And just as the adults are huddled together doing this horrible thing called sex, suddenly you and your little sister appear, weird isn’t it?

Then, probably around the age of 13-14, you started to understand that sex is not only for procreation, but also for pleasure?

You don’t have to be one of those young dudes with well-defined muscles holding a fireman hose or a body dressed in a police uniform, to get some woman to sleep with you!

Scientists prove that there are about 237 reasons why a woman would sleep with a man.

Here we will also explain a few of the most common.

Are you a very good kisser?

One is never too old to learn, right?

In fact, a passionate and deep kiss could be your golden ticket to the main event.

According to a recent study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, women are much less likely than men to have sex with someone who is a bad kisser.

But what exactly is the perfect kiss for a woman?

All women are different, but the general opinion expressed in a recent study shows that a greater percentage of women prefer passionate kiss, with a breath of mint and possibly petting them during the act.

All women say that based on the smell coming from a man’s mouth, they judge whether to proceed further and if so, what the final result will be!

Seems like the next logical step is a relationship, huh?

Women tend to have sex with men they’ve spent a long enough time with and know well.

In other words, women look for security in a man and expect him not to abuse, after he has already received an intimate act.

But despite everything, are there women you’ve been seeing for months, having dinner together, going on walks, etc., but you still haven’t made it to bed?

Relax, nothing to worry about. Apparently, this woman is not that daring and wants to be sure of absolutely everything that surrounds her.

But if she shares with you intimate things, fantasies and so on or you are just the only person to whom she is willing to reveal all her personal secrets< /strong>, don’t give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s close, or in other words, you’re on the right path!

Take her hand and kiss it, stallion!

Take her hand in the area above the elbow and under the armpit. Why right there and not anywhere else?

Because precisely this area between the shoulder and the elbow is saturated with millions of nerve endings that are responsible for the emotion pleasure.

In other words, this area is very sensitive and you could easily turn a woman on if you slowly and gently run your hand over this area.

Then kiss her and run your hand through her hair. Unless you’re the most disgusting man on the planet, or she’s of a different sexual orientation, there’s no way this method won’t work!

Compliment her!

One of the simplest methods, but also the most successful, is to give a good compliment.

Just listen to her, get into her problems that she tells you and support her.

If she’s just put on a few pounds and keeps telling you she’s fat, remind her that you’re her partner and you like her no matter what she is, and in her new jeans, for example, she looks great, stunning, etc.

Just be nice, understanding and sincere with her and she will make sure to get it back!

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