Do probiotics make us more attractive?

The way you eat definitely affects a person’s appearance, weight, skin, muscle strength, the condition of the nails, the specific shine of the hair and even the susceptibility to wrinkles.

And also the other signs of premature aging are affected by the quality of the food a person consumes. So eating certain selected foods is very likely to make us sexier.

But recently, scientists have found that the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics give even more sex appeal to those who include them in their daily menu.

In a study on mice, it was observed that when consuming the yogurt rich in probiotics, their skin changed and a specific glow appeared. This provokes a change in their behavior, with the rodents becoming “more aggressive”.

Does taking probiotics also make people sexier?

In a publication in the journal Scientific American, the scientists who conducted the study noted that in mice fed the probiotic-rich yogurt, the “sex appeal” was expressed in the protruding testicles of the male specimens.

It was also noted that the gonads were 5% heavier compared to those of mice fed the typical diet and had a 15% greater weight than the testes of the junk food rodents.

This is not just an aesthetic effect, as yogurt-fed males inseminate their partners faster and have larger offspring.

A positive effect was also observed in females fed with yogurt. They give birth to the most young and are more likely to raise them successfully.

The probiotic diet also affects the fur of the mice, which acquires a shine and silkiness with 10 times the density of active follicles compared to other mice.

Researchers note that the probiotic bacteria in yogurt makes the animals slimmer, making them appear healthier, which indirectly contributes to the formation of an attractive or sexy appearance.

Bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract also have a strong influence on weight

Obviously, much more is needed to form an attractive appearance, but getting rid of extra pounds is often one of the first steps on the way to achieving the desired purpose.

Restoring the balance of gut flora is among the main elements of any diet aimed at weight loss, and gut bacteria have been found to give different appearances to normal and overweight people.

For example, most overweight people have about 20% more Firmicutes bacteria and almost 90% lower populations of a bacterium called bacteroiditis compared to normal weight people.

Firmikuts contribute to the extraction of calories from complex sugars and their deposition in the form of fat.

During the study when these bacteria were introduced into the body of normal weight mice, the deposition of twice as much fat was observed.

This is actually one of the explanations for how the intestinal flora has a key impact in controlling body weight.

But another study showed that overweight people saw a 5% reduction in abdominal fat and a 3% reduction in subcutaneous fat just by drinking a probiotic-rich fermented milk drink for a period of 12 weeks.

Why is it imperative for women of reproductive age to consume probiotics?

From large-scale studies conducted, albeit in the US, it is found that the baby acquires its intestinal flora when it passes through the birth canal of the mother.< /p>

Actually, the bacteria that inhabit the birth canal of the mother become the intestinal microflora of the child. And the vaginal microflora of a woman originates from the bacteria in the intestines.

So if the bacterial balance in the mother’s gut is disturbed, there are serious risks to the baby’s health, such as cognitive impairment and autism.

Regular consumption of lactic acid drinks is a pragmatic approach to prevent the spread of autism.

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