What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a type of cognitive disorder that makes it difficult for a child to read and write correctly. This happens because the brain confuses or mixes up letters and words and their perception becomes difficult. Affected children with dyslexia often have poor memory for words they have heard or, due to difficulty reproducing the visual symbols of words they have read.

The condition does not mean that your child’s ability to perceive information is impaired and is below normal for others his age. In fact, most people in this state are extremely creative and active individuals. But reading difficulties present the child with a real challenge when he has to absorb information through reading.

What are the symptoms of dyslexia?

Symptoms of the condition in children before preschool age:

  • Start speaking later than expected;
  • Learn new words slowly;
  • Have difficulty rhyming;
  • Has difficulty performing of instructions that consist of several steps.

After the child starts school, the signs of the condition are expressed in:

  • Reading several single words as one word;
  • Difficulty memorizing words and the child cannot reproduce words he has just read.
  • Confusion of some prepositions;
  • Swapping some letters when writing;
  • Writing some words backwards.

If your child has one of these signs, this does not mean that he has that particular cognitive impairment. Many children write words backwards before the age of 7. But if your child has several of these signs and reading problems, or you have a family history of the condition, you may want to see a specialist.

What are the causes?

The cause of the disorder is not clear, although it is probably hereditary. Some medical studies show that people with this disorder have abnormalities in the functioning of the brain centers involved in reading and visual perception of written signs.

Dyslexia treatment

Treatment consists of using educational methods to improve the child’s reading abilities. Medicines are not usually used to treat this disorder. One important part is educating yourself about your child’s condition. The sooner the violation is detected and addressed, the better. The earlier the treatment starts the better. If treatment is started in time, your child’s reading will improve and even problems with it will be prevented during the first years at school.

This violation should not be considered a defect, as people in this condition develop an excellent imagination and imagine things much more easily. For example, when they read, their imagination completes what they read, and thus the speed of reading increases significantly.

How to help your child?

You as a parent can do a lot to improve your child’s reading skills.

  • Learn about your child’s strengths – for example, if your child understands more when he listens, give him the opportunity or encourage him to listen to audiobooks on the computer to absorb new information.
  • No become a tyrant for your child – do not be a perfectionist and do not expect more than usual from your child, as there is a high probability that you will make him feel inferior.
  • It is useful for your child to play computer games that require maximum concentration.

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