Experiencing violence in childhood is one of the causes of poverty

American scientists conducted a study, the purpose of which was to clarify the question of why some people never manage to cope with social disadvantage throughout their lives.

According to the opinion of the researchers, it is the negative childhood experience that determines the future poverty of a person. The results of the research showed that the more a person suffers in his childhood, the greater the probability that he will fall into poverty or even destitution in adulthood.

This research work was done by Drexel in USA. The authors of the study selected 30 women as participants. At the time of the experiment, all the participants were mothers, and in their childhood, each of them had faced violence, cruelty, many deprivations, and also insufficient attention from their parents.

All participants in the experiment were required to answer the questions from a specially compiled survey. Through this questionnaire, the researchers were able to understand how strong a mark the psychological and physical violence experienced by women during their childhood left.

Questions the researchers asked all respondents also helped determine the extent to which these sad childhood experiences affected such aspects of life as physical health, school performance and job opportunities.

According to the authors of the study, all these factors are closely related and directly affect the material situation in the family.

The results obtained by the researchers fully confirm their assumption that the pain and suffering that a person experiences in childhood lays the foundations for future poverty. The high scores placed by the participants in the “Negative childhood experience” column is associated with a strong need in the family for food products.

As the scientists explain, practically all women who suffered from physical and mental abuse in childhood received very low wages and were unable to provide their children with healthy food.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the unfavorable atmosphere in which the child finds himself and the negative events have a very strong influence on the socio-economic of his life in the future.

Earlier research by scientists from Liverpool, Great Britain, has already proven that negative experiences in childhood significantly increase the risk of developing schizophrenia in the future.

It should be noted that the nerds at school almost always succeeded more in life than those who were considered “cool”.

Adolescents who were teased at school and were completely ostracized from social life need not worry about their future. In fact, bullying and negative experiences will soon pay off.

Popularity at school is a perennial topic for any teenager. This phenomenon is associated with negative emotions, stress and even attempts to skip classes in order to avoid becoming an object of ridicule.

However, it has now been scientifically proven that popularity at school is absolutely unnecessary for achieving goals. Scientists have found that popular teenagers, on the contrary, increasingly become losers.

For the experiment, the American scientists interviewed a group of teenagers. The researchers studied the lifestyle of the participants over a period of 10 years.

The results showed that people who were classified as nerds and nerds were more successful in early adulthood than the cool teenagers who were considered role models at school.

The bottom line is that negative school experiences in adolescence actually have a positive impact on a person’s socioeconomic level in adulthood, unlike childhood abuse.

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