Glutathione – the king of all antioxidants

This is the most important molecule that the human body needs to be healthy and to prevent the occurrence and development of diseases. Most people probably haven’t even heard of her.

But it is defined as the “secret” to prevent aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, etc. and is needed to treat every single disease from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. There are more than 89,000 medical and scientific articles about it.

But commonly treating doctors don’t know how to deal with a deficiency of this critical life-giving molecule. Called the mother of all antioxidants, the master detoxifier and maestro of the immune system, it’s glutathione.

The good news is that the human body produces this life-giving molecule on its own. But poor nutrition, pollution, toxins, drugs, stress, trauma, aging, infections and radiation destroy and deplete available glutathione.

Below is a list of foods that stimulate the production of this valuable molecule.

What is glutathione?

It is a very simple molecule that is produced naturally constantly in the body which is a combination of three simple protein building blocks or amino acids – cysteine , glycine and glutamine.

The secret to glutathione’s power is the group of sulfur compounds it contains. Sulfur is a sticky smelly molecule. It acts like sticky paper for flies, attracting to itself all toxic substances such as mercury and other heavy metals and free radicals.

The Importance of Glutathione in Preventing Chronic Disease

Glutathione is crucial because it recycles antioxidants. The life-giving molecule tackles free radicals as they are delivered like a hot potato.

They first go from vitamin C to E and then to lipoic acid and finally to glutathione, entering its molecule and recycling of other antioxidants takes place. Once this happens the body can to “reduce” or regenerate another protective molecule glutathione and the process repeats.

The life-giving molecule also performs supporting functions in terms of the immune system in fighting infections and in preventing malignancy. That is why some studies show that it may help in the treatment of AIDS. p>

Glutathione is the most critical component and integral part of the body’s cleansing system. All toxins stick to glutathione, which then transports them to the bile and feces and they leave the body.

This process is essential for the functioning of the immune system and for controlling and eliminating inflammatory processes.

Is it possible to increase glutathione in our body?

The good news is that one can do many things to increase this natural and critical molecule in the body you are For this purpose it is necessary:

To consume sulfur-rich foods – it is recommended to include garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, watercress, etc. in the daily menu.
Moderate physical exertion increases the levels of the life-giving molecule and thus stimulates the immune system, improves the function of the body’s cleansing system and increases the body’s own antioxidant defenses. Gradually start doing aerobic exercises like brisk walking and jogging or you can play different types of sports aiming to reach 30 minutes a day. Strength training 20 minutes 3 times a week is also helpful.

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