How not to fall asleep behind the wheel

Every driver is aware that falling asleep behind the wheel of a car in most cases is associated with extremely serious and sad consequences. It is no exaggeration to say that a drowsy driver is just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

And the most dangerous thing in such a situation is that most often the driver falls asleep almost imperceptibly.

Is it possible for a person to overcome sleepiness when he has to travel at night by car?

Of course, if a person feels that he did not get enough sleep, it is recommended to simply to postpone the trip. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially if it concerns business travel, in which case the following measures can be taken.

Perhaps the most popular and well-known remedy for overcoming drowsiness is strong coffee, although this drink is suitable for people who do not have contraindications for its use.

After drinking a cup of coffee, a person feels alert for a few hours, but the caffeinated drink should not be drunk after a meal, as its effect would be rather the opposite and make a person sleepy.

It is recommended that a person not take a lot of food, or simply put, not to overeat, immediately, that is, a few hours, before a long journey. While driving, it is desirable to have the car window slightly open, as the incoming fresh air from outside will have an invigorating effect.

It should be noted that the high temperature in the car, i.e. with too much heating, at a temperature above 24 degrees Celsius, the risk of a person falling asleep increases many times over.

It is desirable to play music in the car, the best option is the radio, due to the fact that there the music slots change every 30 minutes with advertising blocks or with the voice of the radio host, that is, there will be no monotony of the sound. If there is another person in the car, you can start a conversation with him, which will not give the driver the opportunity to fall asleep.

If a person feels that his desire to sleep prevails, it is not necessary to resist it, because it is possible that he will not even notice when he will fall asleep, and this is very dangerous.

It is best in this case to stop somewhere and sleep for a while. Even 15-20 minutes of sleep is enough to deal with sleepiness. And as a last resort, one can get out of the car and take a short walk.

There is yet another effective way to overcome this condition, namely splashing the face with cold water, while some claim that carbonated mineral water is more suitable in this case than plain water.

While driving, the driver should not look at one point, direct his vision to the side, to other cars, to the dashboard of the car. If a person often has to travel at night and faces the problem of drowsiness behind the wheel, he should consider purchasing a special electronic “anti-sleep” device that is specially designed for drivers.

This electronic anti-sleep device attaches to the ear and wakes the driver if he begins to fall asleep and his head begins to tilt.

Some drivers resort to various energy drinks such as Red Bull, Energy to cheer themselves up, but they should not be overdone and a maximum of 2 packs should be drunk.

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