How to easily extend your life by 3 years

Think you don’t have time to run? Think again. Just 5 minutes of running a day can extend your life and have the same positive health effects as a longer run. This is shown by the results of a recently conducted scientific study.

Everyone can find 5 free minutes a day. But in fact preparation for the physical activity itself will take a little more time, as the care of sports clothes and shoes must be taken into account.

Since this is one of the strongest barriers to increasing physical activity, the new research may motivate people to start running to keep their health in tip-top shape. This is reported in an article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Scientists from the University of Iowa analyzed data from 55,137 adults observed over a 15-year period. People aged 18 to 100 participated in the study. During the study, 3,413 participants died, 1,217 of them from cardiovascular diseases.

As it turns out, runners have a 30% lower risk of premature death and a 45% lower chance of cardiovascular disease. Although running was not the main cause of this result, in all cases it was associated with a 3-year increase in life expectancy.

It is not necessary to run for a long time and for long distances. It has even been found that excessive physical exertion over time increases the risk of the onset and development of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the researchers, 5-10 minutes of jogging /at a speed of 9 km/h/ has the same effect on health in terms of cardiovascular risk as running for relatively longer distances distances.

Scientists note that the probability of developing cardiovascular diseases decreases as a result of the high intensity of physical exercise. And the best physical exercise is running. It is much more beneficial than moderate physical activity such as walking.

And for those who don’t like running, scientists suggest choosing rope jumping or cycling. In any case, the active activity must last not less than 5 minutes.

Other scientists from Stanford University found that walking improves creativity.

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