How to fight inflammation in 5 easy steps

If you’ve been putting inflammation at the bottom of your list of ailments, then it’s time to change your mind.

The reasons why inflammation occurs in a certain part of your body can be very different – from all kinds of injuries, arthritis and various cardiovascular diseases , and all the way to diabetes and cancer!

And what can you do? To fight, of course!

Research has revealed new interesting facts and statistics in the fields of medicine, science and sports.

Nearly 5,000 men and women took a physical exam that measured their levels of inflammation through a marker called C-reactive protein, or CRP.

CPR is actually a marker for levels of cardiovascular problems, how protected or at risk you are for example.

People in this study wore an accelerometer for a period of 7 days.

The conclusion of the study is that people who are active and exercise have about 33% lower CRP levels, or in other words – they have a 33% lower chance of getting cardiovascular problems.


Another study found that people who self-reported having a sedentary lifestyle were actually at a much higher risk and their PSA levels were much lower. high, compared to active and sports people.

Doctors still disagree about inflammation, how and why it occurs, and whether there is a universal method to deal with all problems in the human body.

But for now, all leading doctors are sure of one thing – the higher the PSA levels, the better!

Here we will present you 5 steps by which you will increase your chances of protecting yourself from any kind of inflammation.

1. Consume fruits and vegetables

They synthesize anti-inflammatory phytonutrients as well as plant chemicals, including antioxidants, which will dramatically reduce the risk of contracting all kinds of diseases and inflammations.

One bowl of strawberries, for example, offers 150% of your minimum required consumption of vitamin C for one day.

And speaking of, yes, it is important to keep our vitamin C levels in the body high because it is our main fighter against all kinds of enemies, diseases, inflammations etc.

2. Skip the sugar

Sugar wears out the adrenal glands and the regulators responsible for how your body will handle stress and how it will deal with it in time.

Why does this matter? When we are under stress, large amounts of cortisol are synthesized in our body, and cortisol is one of the main hormones that fight inflammation!

3. Don’t forget your medication

Aspirin is anti-inflammatory and with normal intake (no more than 1 pill per day) can keep platelet levels normal and protect our blood cells from clotting and gluing.

But before that, of course, check with your doctor, because you need medical approval for any new medicine you take, even aspirin.

4. Meditate!

Yes, everyone says tomorrow starts, but the truth is that everyone remembers their promises to themselves only when the stress has completely overwhelmed them and it is already too late.

Research shows that chronic stress is associated with changes in PSA levels in the immune system.

That’s why it’s good to have a way to deal with stress effectively.

Start meditating by finding the technique that works best for you, or if meditation seems too complicated, start with walks in the park or yoga.

5. Take an extra nap

Lack of sleep leads to all sorts of health problems. Among them are weight gain, cardiovascular diseases and many others.

Despite your busy daily life, set aside 1-2 hours for yourself to give your body a well-deserved rest.

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