How to naturally improve your vision when diagnosed with astigmatism

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ve probably heard the word astigmatism before. If you have this condition, you probably know how much inconvenience it causes, many of which are related to finding contact lenses and glasses.

But what exactly is astigmatism and is there a way to improve this condition naturally?

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a condition in which the cornea of ​​the eye is irregular or oddly shaped. This causes light to reflect on the retina in an irregular and uneven manner, creating a problem with a person’s ability to focus. After all, the result is blurred vision.

While many people believe that astigmatism is a genetic disorder and nothing can be done to improve it other than wearing glasses and contact lenses or high-risk surgery, the truth is not quite like that.

There is strong evidence that the onset and worsening of astigmatism is the result of strain on the eye, and removing that strain can resolve the problem at least to some extent.

Correct and incorrect astigmatism

Few people know that there are actually two types of astigmatism – correct and incorrect. Right astigmatism is most common. In this case, the eye has a spherical shape similar to a soccer ball.

This defect is very often genetic.

Incorrect astigmatism is much rarer. It is caused by damage to the eye, and usually treatment options include contact lenses and surgery.

And while these two types are caused by mostly unavoidable factors, eye stress or eye strain has been shown to worsen both types.

Eye strain and how to avoid it?

Eye strain can be caused by a number of factors, including:

– Too much time in front of the computer;

Many jobs require working on a computer. However, long hours in front of the monitor can lead to eye strain and stress for this extremely important and sensitive organ.

If your job duties require you to spend long hours in front of the computer, make sure that you also allow enough time to rest your eyes.

Additionally, there is the fact that most people now have computers in their homes as well, and this makes the eye condition even worse. Don’t forget to take short breaks from the computer because it is vital for the eyes.

– Reading;

Reading books or newspapers is quite tiring for the eyes. Now the situation is even more complicated because many of the books are read on electronic devices, which is far from better for the eyes.

This means that even after the end of the working day, a person can go home and spend more hours in front of the monitor. This is pure and simple adding more and more strain on the eyes and additional stress on them.

– Work that requires great attention to small and fine details;

A job like this doesn’t mean you have to be a master craftsman. Any job that requires you to look closely (such as reading, writing, sewing, or accounting) can be considered demanding.

However, the truth is that our eyes are simply not designed for too much staring. They are designed to look at things that are further away.

Other influencing factors:

Eye tension can be increased by various factors. Working or watching TV in dim light in the room has a negative impact.

If you don’t drink enough water this can also be a problem for your eyes. In addition, the lack of nutrients can lead to weakening of the eyes, and this is quite natural.

After all, your eyes are part of your body and they depend on nutrients just like any other organ.

Improving any one of these eye stressors (or better yet, all of them) will most likely improve your astigmatism, and at worst prevent future worsening.

What can we do to relieve eye stress?

– Distract yourself;

When you are working on a computer, reading or doing work that requires staring and paying attention to small details, make sure you can take time to give your eyes at least a little rest. Look up and focus on something far away from you.

If you have a window close at hand, look at a tree, a flower, a neighboring building, or look at the clouds. And not just to glance up. Take the time to focus on what you see out the window, at least for a few seconds.

If you are not near a window, focus on something in the room that is away from where you are – wall art, cabinets, shelves, or even other work.

– Flash;

Blinking is extremely important and beneficial for the eyes, but when we are stuck in front of the computer for hours, we literally forget to blink. This natural eye reflex allows our eyes to lubricate and relieves tension and dryness.

– Provide yourself with light;

Make sure you have excellent lighting in the area where you are working. No matter how you will illuminate the desktop, it is very important. When the light in the workplace is insufficient, it causes strain and stress on the eyes.

– Eat right

If you don’t have the time or opportunity to indulge in an eye-healthy diet, at least make sure you’re taking eye vitamins and supplements. This will ensure that your eyes get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.


At first glance, these are simple and effortless actions, but it is very important to do them regularly.

In fact, all of these tips are really extremely simple and anyone can afford to follow them, and ironically, that’s what makes them so easy to forget and pass over.

Instead of giving ourselves a few minutes of rest when we are tired, we start rubbing our eyes, which is very aggressive for them, especially when they are dry and tired.

This can hurt them a lot. Instead, just step away for 5 or 10 minutes from the monitor or desktop and you will see a much greater effect.

One of the irritants that we often pass over is the air conditioner. It dries out the air, which leads to irritation and stress on the eyes. Try putting a humidifier in your home, and if it’s a workplace ask your employer about adding one in the office. Sometimes the simple things are the easiest to overlook, but on the other hand, they are also the easiest to fix.

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