In 2 years, the creation of genetically modified babies will begin

Genetically modified children could appear in the UK in 2 years. The British Parliament is due to decide very soon whether to allow doctors to perform a procedure to replace mutating DNA during artificial insemination.

But there are also opponents of this procedure, who believe that such GMO experiments are not far from attempts to create a superhuman.

The United Kingdom’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) said that such attempts are completely legal.

This means that very soon the first children born to 3 parents can be born in the UK.

Medical experts claim that this will be a real breakthrough – couples who have until now risked creating offspring that inherit genetic diseases will finally be able to have healthy children.

According to statistics, diseases arising due to mitochondrial defects are found in 1 in 6000 newborns.

Due to defective mitochondria, responsible for energy production in the cell, children develop epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, blindness and other health problems.

But scientists have found that the transmission of the defects can be prevented if the main part of the egg after fertilization is transplanted into a healthy egg of another woman.

In a healthy environment, the embryo develops normally and subsequently the child does not suffer from genetic diseases.

Experiments to replace defective DNA in animals have been going on for quite some time now.

Scientists now believe that the time has come for such procedures to be carried out on humans, but such experiments are currently prohibited in Great Britain, as well as in all countries of the world.

However, the government agencies that oversee genetic mutation research insist that human experiments to replace faulty DNA are perfectly safe.

They are trying to get the consent of the British Parliament to start the process of genetic modification of man.

But in Great Britain there are also opponents of such attempts. They believe that the path from the genetic modification of the embryo to the attempts to create a superman is not long.

Critics of these experiments do not rule out that soon in Great Britain and in other European countries companies will appear to offer “designer children” to order.

This means that future parents will be able to choose in advance what the gender of their heir will be and what he will look like.

However, it is not known how these attempts will affect the ability of children born to 3 parents to have their own offspring in the future.

British professor Robert Winston, who opposes such experiments on humans, accused the HFEA of incompetence.

According to him, with the help of the government agency, private clinics will start using expensive technologies with unconfirmed effectiveness.

Professor Winston also adds that today the UK market for IVF services can be described as a jungle that is not regulated at all by the law and according to him the IVF procedure is “more private and more commercial”.

“As for the idea of ​​replacing defective mitochondria with healthy ones, in general, it’s a good one. But the problem is this: I don’t think it indicates that enough scientific work has been carried out to confirm the safety of this procedure.” – Lord Winston also points out

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