Is white bread addictive?

Nutritionists all over the world are debating the health benefits and harms of bread. Even some doctors and nutritionists try to be “objective” and talk only about the harm to health from the regular use of bread.

All these disputes and recommendations to exclude bread from the daily menu began when the results of a study in which more than 60,000 middle-aged women took part became clear.

From the obtained data, it was found that the participants, whose diet included white bread and foods made from flour made from high-quality wheat, were 3 times more likely to suffer from diabetes compared to those who consumed more foods rich in of vegetable fibers and containing carbohydrates that are absorbed more slowly by the body.

American scientists from New York University conducted their own research, the results of which showed that this food product can become addictive.

The nutritional value of wheat bread does not cause doubts, but the need to include this product in the diet needs to be carefully considered.

According to American scientists, some of the properties of white bread contribute to the fact that people cannot always control its use.

As a result, consumers are increasingly eating too much wheat bread, thus putting themselves at increased risk of weight gain and developing metabolic syndrome.

As part of the study, the scientists offered all the volunteers to try plain white bread made from wheat grain. Several hundred people from different age groups took part in the study. In addition, the American researchers managed to include young children in the study.

The scientists suggested that all participants try to make a choice in favor of one of several types of bread, for example, to choose between black and white bread.

When the volunteers made their choice, the slices of bread were placed on plates right in front of them. It turned out that about 50% of the participants in the study preferred white bread.

Based on the results obtained from the experiment, the scientists came to the conclusion that a person is not able to exercise sufficient control over what he consumes as food. According to the researchers, a person rarely realizes that he is consuming too much bread made from wheat.

However, not all food products are addictive. Scientists quite rightly point out that white bread is easily absorbed by the body, has very good and even excellent taste qualities, and precisely because of this, a person can develop a certain addiction to it without realizing it.

The authors of the study define as an extremely alarming signal the fact that the greatest need for white bread was shown by children, and even the youngest ones.

Scientists claim that addiction to this food at an early age can in the future become a real addiction to foods made from wheat flour, and also become the cause of unhealthy weight gain – “If people in adulthood however, they are able to resist the desire to eat a piece of bread by taking a piece of bread in their hand, but children cannot cope with this.”

The authors of the study recommend that parents pay attention to breads with a lower glycemic index to protect their children from future health problems and excessive addiction to certain foods.

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