Lazy intestines

Most human health problems are related to diseases of the digestive tract.

There are also cases in which allergies, headaches or a constant feeling of fatigue cannot be cured, without suspecting that the cause of their appearance is improper intestinal function.

For most people, these conditions are due to constipation. The reasons why constipation can occur are many.

But in the event that no disease can be detected in a person, and constipation continues, then the diagnosis is made of lazy bowel or lazy bowel syndrome.

This syndrome occurs in both young and old people.

And if in adults the main cause of lazy bowels is the weakening of their muscles, manifested against the background of the weakening of the tone of the whole organism.

In younger people, the syndrome is the result of inadequate and insufficient nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, frequent need for defecation, anemia, the appearance of tumors and many other reasons.

Treatment of lazy bowels

Actually, the treatment does not present any particular difficulty. For its implementation, it is necessary to adjust the diet and the way of life.

And by following a few elementary rules, a person is fully capable by himself of restoring the normal frequency of bowel movements and the consistency of feces and improving peristalsis.

It is necessary to take enough fiber with food every day. They ensure the contraction of the smooth muscles of the intestine.

To get enough fiber you need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Higher amounts of fiber are found in prunes, figs, beets, cabbage, raisins, corn, oats and beans.

When these foods are included in the daily menu, they contribute to a significant improvement in digestion.

It is also necessary to take enough fluids. Water is absorbed into the body in the large intestine.

If little liquid is taken, the entire amount is absorbed into the intestines and the result is constipation.

Every day an adult should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluids.

It is very useful to drink at least 1 glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach, and the Japanese recommend 560 ml, with a little fresh lemon juice added to it.

You should exercise daily. With their help, muscle tone of the whole body is maintained, including the intestines.

Also, physical activity stimulates blood flow to all internal organs. And if, despite this, the constipation continues, it is necessary to start taking laxatives.

But care should be taken with their application, as the intestines can get used to them. To avoid this, periodic enemas or the application of glycerin suppositories are necessary.

All vegetable oils, especially olive oil, have a very good laxative effect. If you drink one teaspoon in the morning, you will quickly forget about constipation.

Sauerkraut has the same effect. All these methods contribute to dealing with lazy bowel syndrome.

But if for 2-3 weeks you do not achieve the expected result, then it is better to consult a gastroenterologist.

Foods that stimulate intestinal peristalsis are:

• The various cold drinks and also kvass and ice cream;

• Pickles, fresh vegetables rich in fiber, buckwheat, rye bread, yogurt;

• Kefir, cherries, sorrel, raisins, apricots, tomatoes, white wine, etc.

Foods that inhibit contraction of intestinal smooth muscle are:

• Cocoa, rice, broths, fresh white bread and all kinds of meals made from flour, especially hot ones;
• All kinds of stringy meats;

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