Patients who take expensive drugs recover faster

American scientists, within a number of experiments, came to the conclusion that when treated with more expensive drugs, patients recover much faster than when using cheaper generic drugs.

The conclusion made by the American researchers is defined as quite surprising. It turns out that taking expensive medications has a more positive effect on healing processes.

But the truth is not that expensive drugs are better than their budget counterparts. In this case, the well-known placebo effect plays a key role.

In other words, patients are subconsciously convinced of the quality of expensive medications, they trust them more, and as a result, recovery happens faster.

Scientists came to this conclusion as a result of their research. For this experiment, 12 patients with Parkinson’s disease were recruited, who were divided into 2 groups.

Volunteers in one group were told that they would be given drugs worth $1,500, and those in the other at a cost of $100.

But the scientists assured the participants in the experiment that the result of their applied therapy would be absolutely the same. At the same time, the medicine was completely identical – both medicines were based on a salt solution.

It was found that when the volunteers received the expensive drug, there was a significant improvement in motor skills. At the same time, the action of the “cheap” medication was less effective.

The scientists made the following finding – the patient’s faith continues to have a therapeutic effect.

It should be noted that the placebo was particularly widespread in medicine in the 20th century, doctors used it as a “necessary lie” to alleviate the condition of the sick.

In 1965, the results of an interesting study were published. It was conducted with the participation of 15 patients suffering from anxiety disorders.

And it was found that even when it became known to them that they had only taken a placebo instead of medication, the effectiveness of the therapy was still preserved. Specialists associate this phenomenon with patients’ faith in the treatment method itself.

In this regard, it should be noted that some patients with diseases of the heart and blood vessels agree to sacrifice their lives in order to give up the regular intake of the medicinal preparations they need.

1/3 of the volunteers who took part in the study indicated that they preferred an early death to taking medication.

Elderly people often need to take various preparations to maintain health and increase life expectancy, however, recently, more and more research confirms that far from all patients are able to tolerate daily intake of medication.

For example, regular aspirin intake is considered by some doctors to be inappropriate for every person.

To solve the problem of people’s different reactions to medical preparations, scientists are working on the creation of universal multi-tablets that protect the body from all cardiovascular diseases for certain groups of the population.

American scientists conducting the study received letters by e-mail from more than 1,000 people over the age of 50.

All participants in the experiment were required to answer the scientists’ hypothetical question about how long they would be willing to give up the daily intake of various tablets that contribute to the prevention of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.


Every 3 out of the total number of participants that they are willing to sacrifice part of their life in order not to use drugs.

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