Scientists officially recognized men as complete idiots?

An analysis of the list of winners of the Darwin Awards, which are awarded for the most ridiculous self-inflicted death, shows that almost 90% of the recipients of these awards are men.

According to British journalists, this officially proves the fact that the representatives of the stronger sex are idiots.

Darwin prizes are regularly awarded for the most stupid and absurd ways to “leave this world”, as well as self-inflicted impotence, that is, complete self-elimination from the world’s gene pool.

Scientists from the University of Newcastle decided to check which gender is more often the winner of this sad ranking. Much to their own surprise, they found that men were the undisputed leaders in terms of the number of ridiculous ways of self-inflicting death.

Almost 90% of Darwin Award winners are men. Among them is a terrorist who opened his own letter in which he had placed a bomb, but was returned by the post office because he did not put enough stamps.

And also a man who decided to get home faster with a stolen shopping cart that he attached to the back of a train.

One of the prize winners lost one of his testicles after using a grinding machine to give himself unusual pleasure.

Another man shot himself in the head with a “spy pen” to prove to his friend that it was a real firearm.

And finally in the group of prize winners “Darwin” is a thief who tried to steal a steel rope from an elevator shaft. He disconnected the rope from the elevator car at the moment when he himself was inside it, as a result of which he fell to the bottom of the elevator shaft and died.

88.7% of the Darwin Awards were awarded to men and only 11.3% to women. This confirms that the majority of the most idiotic actions and stupid things in the world are done precisely by representatives of the stronger sex.

There is even such a theory – the male idiot theory, according to which men are idiots and idiots act stupid and do idiotic things.

In a publication in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal, scientists from the University of Newcastle point out that it is puzzling how men tend to take such unnecessary risks simply to gain more confidence in themselves or so they can brag to their friends about what they’ve done.

While gender differences in risk-taking behavior are well-studied and documented, little is known about idiotic risk-taking as a whole behavior, so Newcastle University scientists examined Darwin Award data for the period between 1995 and 2014, noting the gender of the awardees.

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